Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The fall of lucifer a romantic tragedy

Once in heaven there was a cherub named luci.
Luci was beautiful.  If there was anything Luci loved it was the light of glory. Luci lived in the beauty of the light. Everything around luci was heaven. Luci lived in pleasure. Luci would breath out music and passion. Everything about Luci was pleasing full of life and energy comepletely serene and uplifting. The highest of high intentions. Always seeking more always seeking grandeur. From the bottom ascending tot the top.  I will sit in the mountain of assembly. I will be like the most high.
There was no sin in luci.
Until the beginning.
Luci had one job.  To stand in front of the throne of the most high proclaiming the glory of the most High The El Elyon.
As the great I Am began and proceeded look down upon the nothing. His Logos Spoke the heaven and earth.  He garnished the ether with the glory of the stars, galaxies and lights in a symphony and luci broke out the band in a concert like never before! It was a time of celebration.
Then as the Spirit hovered across the waters and the earth emerged God garnished the earth and the herbs grew and beasts scrurried the garden was planted and the springs flourished.
Something strange happened.
Evening and morning.
Evening and morning.
Evening and morning.
Evening and morning.
Evening and morning.
Evening and morning
All life, All time.
Everything turned and turned
Luci looked down all things pointed to the garden. And in this garden Luci and saw from below what luci had seen from above.
gazing down upon the red clay breath came in and there manifest the ADAM.
Luci saw glory below. But how?
Was Luci the bearer of the glory of God?  Wasn't Luci the light?
Luci was like the most high!!
Why? Why? Why?
Before you new it Adam had dominion over the beast of the field and the birds of the air. But adonai just wouldn't stop! He lavished Adam with a help mate and they were going to Spread and multiply across the earth. More and more glory than what Luci would have with every new infant.

How could he do this to luci??
Luci started to pulsate and a puss started to swell, we call it pride.
As  Luci kept his eyes from the Elohim he sank and he slithered into the Garden.

Luci liked Eve.  Eve was pretty happy but she had something in common with Luci.  Eve had been given a lot but she was under Adam.
 Luci wanted to drag even down to his level.
Why listen to someone above you? You should be above them.

So He slithered into her path. And he showed her options and paths other than being happy.
Why follow God?  Why not be God?  Eve tried to resist. But in her heart she wanted to be a god. She knew it was death? but what was death?
  When Adam saw what was going on, he came to agree.  Why not more?  Maybe the sanke was smarter than jehovah. Because the snake wanted them to be gods, he must love them right?

No luci hated them and everything they stood for. The lord would learn not to cheat on luci.

But when the Lord came down and caught them Cheating he had something different to say.
Luci had sinned and because luci had sinned she no longer had the Glory she had no more glory. her light was lesser than the moon. she would no longer cover the throne of God.

God was betrayed.  He loved and no one recognized all he had done. there was nothing left to do but to curse.
The stars which commemorated lucifer were then ripped away.
Meanwhile a 3rd of the angels came down following luci to see if they could join forces witht the mankind.
But as the stars were torn the north start erupted and as Jesus notticed.
I saw Satan fall like lighting.
The lightning shot down so far and so fast.
The lightnibg hit the Northpole.
And just like Satan had fallen into the abyss of hades.  The lightning struck with the heart of the earth and broke the earth and boild the great deep.
The fountains of the great deep erupted!!
They shot like no other geyser and broke open the windows of the sky!  Some chunks even hit the moon and put the face of the man on the moons.
The waters separated from the waters were spreads apart and raining upon the earth for 40 days.
The Hills turned into mountains, the seas turned into oceans
Mankind had walloweed in the mud and would now drown in the sea.
But God showed something Lucifer wished he knew. He showed grace to a man named Noah and his family.
He kept them in the ark.  The Ark was baptized and took them to a new though fallen world. Where he would have the hope of a promise given to Him in a rainbow around the earth. Once he was immersed he could find life.  Once the Spirit immerses us we can have eternal life.
Because the Lord knew who he loved from the beginning.

But luci's heart would break because luci never loved.

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Pastor Matt Singleton said...

My wife told me that she doesn't understand the "fall of lucifer". She suggested that I explain it in a love story. So this is it.