Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who really loves you?

This post is a little different from my others in the sense that I just want to reason some things.

We are living in an ever growing age that is against the stadards of God.

The ideas of this world are not wise at all.
Yet life, brings us to a point where the worlds system, our flesh, and the devil entice ust to obey what qagainst God's will.

We have a worldview given to us by friends, TV, school, church parents etc. And we grow up having to accept all these things whether true or false.

A lot of people who here about God when the get to religion they here about rules and they find them selves feeling condemnation.
They want to find acceptance. I had a seminary student in his 40's argue that we ought make church like a bar, because in a bar everyone is tolerated.

Tolerance is so easy all you have to do is just give in and it feels good or "cool"
Religion and morality are so agrevating.

So today many people want tolerance and the bar atmosphere all over the world.
Accept everything about everyone else and we will all be fine.

The question I ask those of you who have this view is how do you know?
What if you are being tricked. What if you world is an illusion?

The Bible says in proverbs that everyman is right in his own eyes.

You can go to the bar but there might be a drunkard at that bar who thinks he has the right to beat or raoe someone and that someone could be you.

In life we live in a jungle that has lots of dangerous beast that are ready to destroy you.

What would you do if you were in that jungle?
Would you not care or would try to find a way to protect you from a dangerous beast?

What if you did not know?
wouldn't you want someone to show you?
Maybe you wouldn't like being told that there are places that you can not go and things you could not do. Maybe you find the rules to survival intolerant. But would it be worth it to survive?

This is something I find in my ministry.

A lot of times God convicts me to witness to people who would call me names and argue that I were simply intolerant. But if I do not want them to go to Hell then what am I supposed to do?
I can't just wish people to heaven.
The Bible tells me to inform them of Christ so they can get saved.
So I do even if it anooys them.

Do you make freinds so that they will exalt you or do make freinds with people in order that you may be a freind to them?

Some people want a jesus who is a freind to sinners, but not a savior.

My life would be a lot easier if I claimed Jesus was not the only way.
Instead it gets harder when I realized that the Bible also condemns false gospels like Catholicism.

Even some Baptists claim that this is intolerant.

Yet there 1.2 billion catholics out there who have grown up here ing about the gospel with out the hope of truly being preached with it and seeing the glories of heaven.
Why do they not deserve it as much as me.
I may not be able to make people accept christ , but I can still tell them about Him and give them opportunity have actual eternal life.

Don't people from other countries deserve to hear the truth?

Real love is sacrifice and I would gladly sacrifice popularity if the result is a soul one to the lord.

If you do need to know how to be saved I go over it on my myspace page.
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and then come back here for discipleship.

In christ,