Monday, October 31, 2016


Name:  Bro. Matthew Singleton
marital status:Married to Lori Fay Singleton
phone number: 1-502-380-736

licensed to preach:2003 Valley View Baptist Church
Ordained minister 2005 Valley View Baptist Church
Ordained Deacon: 2016 Cardinal Hill Baptist Church

Education: Valley High School diploma 1998
Boyce Bible College BS. 2003
Campbellsville University Masters of Theology 2007
Education superlatives:
Valley High School:  sports 7 varsity letters(football,wrestling, track-n-field,powerlifting), championship teams 1997 track n field regional champs, 1998 wrestling district champs,5th state 1996  Powerlifting state champs 1998 football regional champs aaa #1 rank offense #1 rank defense 12-2  state offensive season record holders.   personal championships 1997 district champion 215lbs, 1998 big east champion 215lbs, 1998 hardin county classic champion 275lbs 5th rank state ranking  Academic:environmental tech prep honrs program,  honor roll 1998, voted most school spirited, voted class treasurer.
Boyce College of the Bible:Interdisciplinary, proficiency in youth ministry, apologetics, assist revival in south bend Indiana, nominee for blue towel award 2003
Campbellsville University: 1999 spring missionary trip to Northern Ireland, active Baptist student Union, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Fellowship Christian Ministries/Youth 4 Christ, Experiencing God study.
2007 Biblical studies major Masters of Theology

Student @ Andersonville theological Seminary: Studying for doctoral ministry degree in Biblical counseling

Valley View Baptist Church:
Valley view daycare worker
AWANA Leader
Drama team
middle school youth leader
high school youth leader
Valley View Choir: 2000-2003, 2002 CD
Little Union Baptist Church
    Youth minister: 2.6 years
VBS director 2004

Audubon Baptist Church (2006-7)
sunday school teacher
internship: youth evangelism project

Freedom Baptist Church (2007-2009)
founding member

Board of directors of Southwest ministries
 networked with other house church ministries sometimes teaching/preaching with House churches under the ministries of Billy Jones, David Mekeska, and James Shettler

Grace Tabernacle (2009-11)
Awana leader, choir,
abortion clinic: protest/preaching/prayer
Jammin' for jamaica concert: fundraiser  (promoter)
TORO(trees of righteousness outreach) participated in this homeless ministry.

Southwest)(2012) Sunday school teacher, vacation bible school,  acting roleof "Jesus"

Cardinal Hill) (2012-18)
A.F.F. (adult Faith Fellowship)

Children and youth committee
Children's church admin/preacher
Youth leader
Lee's Lane Baptist church:(2018-
Men's fellowship foundation

      Preaching supply:
Taylorsville nursing home 2004
twin brooke nursing home Dutchmans ln. 2006-2007 bi-monthly
Georgetown nursing home 2009-present monthly
Stonecreek lodge: occaisionally 2015-2017
Ponder creek retirement Village: 2011-12weekly
Apologetics presentations: Cardinal hill Baptist Church, Little Union Baptist Church,  Mountain Assembly Church of God, Lee's lane Baptist church.

other ministry:
"I am" prayer team: We prayed at a flag pole of every educational institution in Valley Station
JCC-Baptist Student Union:  lead Bible studies, Co-ordinated bible studies worship events and parties. 2000-2002
Fishnet ministries:founding member, oversight, evangelism, vice president, net-fest event operator 2004-2007
christian rock band: Incarnational Son-ship aug. 2011

Writings: "What would Jesus say to evangelicals?"
"A New Look at an Old Word"

Internet ministry
Bible Smack Radio (6years combo news/theology/creationism/politics/conspiracy/entertainment etc)(on blogtalk radio and briefly wllv1240am) (over 100,000 listeners)
Kentuckiana GrassRoots Radio (6-7years) (over 140.000 listens)
youtube:  channels Matt Singleton   and Matthew Singleton
Facebook: manages 8 pages admin 4 groups
apologetic series: "thinking about Jesus"
discipleship series: "New Testament religion: Finding the way"

Political Activism: groups : R.O.C.K(reclaim our culture Kentuckiana), Alliance for righteousness, American Family Association. Take back Louisville, Take back KY,9/12 project, JCRP, Louisville Tea Party
Frequent guest: The rest of the news with Dr. Frank Simon (local tv program, radio program)
Radio: My view matters (2010), Les Naiman Show (2010)
Bishop Lyons show:
The "Black Hearted" conservative Rick Howland 2015, 2018

other superlatives: lifeguard, martial arts: black belt in Tae Kwon Do, studying spanish.
other employment: chick fil a, security guard, warehouse, sign dancer Vacuum Authority-Liberty tax Service, janitor, superviser of the sunshine grill,  Ahead Human Resources. Holiday Inn ( houseman/dishwasher)

Lori's Credentials
lifeway adult education certificate,
 Sunday school superintendent
23yrs employed BALFOUR company
family: Lori has 3 children grown up and married with a total of 11 grandchildren.

Matt's Confession of Faith:
A sermon by matt:
Matt explains the gospel: 
Matt gives a testimony:

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Years Cosmology Debate series

Here are the debates that incurred discussing and debating aspects of the New Years cosmology hypothesis.
The opponent was lenny palermo.  A self described deist and somewhat panentheist who represented the big bang cosmology.

This debate regards the philosophy of knowledge.  How do you know things?
Here we discuss the merits of the big bang theory.
This episodes regards genesis and creation.
This the more  controversial side of my hypothesis.  That the earth is in the center of the universe and it is not spinning around the sun.
Here are argue for the electric universe vs. standard gravity based physics.
Our final debate regarded a creation of 6,000 years vs a big bang of multiple billions of years.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Links answering liberals and bible critics.

These articles pertain to the christian liberal religion, textual criticism and theistic evolution.

(chronological order)