Wednesday, December 23, 2009

updates with the Biblesmack blog

Hello readers!

It has been a busy year in 2009.
I do apologize for not writing more often.
I am working on a essay for this blog.
"darwinian naturalism as a religion"
People typically view Darwian theory as simply scientific theory.
Yet many scholars are aware that naturalism is a fully fledged worldview.
It is little known that Charles Darwin was not trained in science but instead a trained theologian from the anglican tradition.
I will use this future essay to jude Darwin's views from a theological perspective.

I have been caught up in many projects however.
I have been focusing on writing some books.
My first book "What would jesus say to Evangelicals?" Is currently available as an e-book. Hope fully soon it will be available in paperback.
Go to if you are interested. The cost is 5$.
I am have writing 3 other books as well.

1. "The Science of Salvation" is a book critiqing all the major christian denominations including catholicism and judaism. It is essentially a compilation of my many articles on this blog. This is not simply an analysis of various religions. It is instead a gauntlet for all Christians to stare inot the double-edge sword of scripture and see whether or not they are being the sheep of Christ or wandering off the pasture.

2. "A New Look at an Old Word" is a book argueing for what I call a "King James mainly" view of scriptures concerning the Bible version debate. I make an argument for the traditional text of the Massoretic text and the textus Receptus being recognized as the perfect canonical text of the word of God. I also make a case for the KJV being the most pragmatic and dominant text for Christian use is we truly desire any interdenominational dialogue. This is a college age book that will present evidence normal censored in the ivory tower bubble. Every preacher should have the oportunity to read it.

3."The Reign of grace: a concise commentary on Paul's epistle to the Romans" This commentary sees Paul's epistle essentially as a constitution of the new reign or age of Grace. As the last apostle "PAul" has recieved revelation concerning the gospel to the gentiles. He is now taking the time in this letter establish the justification of God bring this new and incredible salvation and how it applies to our lives. this will be a must read for Christians who want to ta into God's grace in a way that leaps from black and white doctrine into a new innovative spirit filled life.

God willing these will be published soon and available.

On the net you may have nottice my other projects.
Bible Smack Radio and Kentuckiana Grassroots Radio(KGR)
At the end of last year we start biblesmack radio. It has done fairly successfully and soon would spinoff a political show as well.
Bible Smack Radio was succesful in having over two thousand listeners this year.
Kentuckiana Grassroots Radio has moved very successfully in drawing over 3000 listeners in 6 months. We are also in the process of making rounds both on local radio and television.
Needless to say I have had my hands full! if you would like to listen to either of these shows goto.

Also earlier this year I have stepdown as the pastor of Freedom Baptist Church. It was a very difficult decision. However, the ministry that I was doing was not well supported and the strain of time and money had taken it's toll not just on me but one my wife as well. I am thankful that we had accomplished some things with the church we were able to evangelize many and give sacrificially to many causes.
Since then I have joined a local independant baptist church "Grace Tabernacle".
I have found a place filled with healing and ministry. Since I have steped down from the role of Pastor it would probably be better to refer to me as brother Matt. As an ordained minister I still may be called "reverend" though many people find the title offensive so I'll just stick with the title "bro."
"Grace" is an exciting church that is really active in making a difference and spreading the gospel. The head pastor there is Mark Jackson. I have befreind a minister there "J.T." humston who has an incredible homeless ministry. "T.O.R.O." Trees Of Righteousness Outreach, A homeless ministry focused on helping the homeless and helping them be healed of drug and alcohol addiction alongside job training. check out there websight as well.
If you would like to check out my church goto

God Bless,
and have a joyous Christmas