Monday, June 29, 2015

Why did God allow our people to become heathen? An open letter to the Southern Baptist Convention

Habakkuk 1:Behold ye among the heathen,
and regard, and wonder marvellously:
for I will work a work in your days,
which ye will not believe, though it be told you.
For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation,
which shall march through the breadth of the land,
to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs."

 A burden came very grave across my heart as my nation let a rogue supreme court assassinate the idea and rights of the American family.  In Public many in the Southern Baptist Convention have championed the cause of traditional marriage.  Many great Southern Baptist leaders with whom I have sat under and gained discipleship from spoke quite eloquently defending the truth and reminding the world that God is still sovereign.
   Yet we are faced with the reality that our denomination has been the strongest denomination in a predominantly protestant Country over the last century.  How did Satan take over, under our churches watch?  Why has the majority of southern baptist in our youth groups vanished after high school? Why are we being slandered more and losing greater political battles? Some may say that it is because we are up against Satan.  Surely Satan is enjoying the demise of one of the greatest nations in history. But Satan for all his power is not superior to the power of God.

luke 10:17 And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. 18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. 19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. 20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

Many may simply not worry, as God is still Sovereign.  This is true,  God is sovereign regardless of what happens here on the earth.  But the Lord is Holy and Righteous he does not desire mankind to sin.  john 10: 10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

When we see the historic apostasy which takes placed in the camp among God's people, our only option left is to look inward.  The apostle Paul teaches that a little leaven leaven's the whole lump. 
1 corinthians 5:Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump? Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:"
 Jesus also teaches.
Matthew 16: Then Jesus said unto them, Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees. And they reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have taken no bread. Which when Jesus perceived, he said unto them, O ye of little faith, why reason ye among yourselves, because ye have brought no bread? Do ye not yet understand, neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets ye took up? 10 Neither the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many baskets ye took up? 11 How is it that ye do not understand that I spake it not to you concerning bread, that ye should beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees? 12 Then understood they how that he bade them not beware of the leaven of bread, but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees."
I believe evolution is modern leaven.
Mark 10:And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept. But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
Hebrews 1: But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. 10 And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of thine hands: 11 they shall perish; but thou remainest; and they all shall wax old as doth a garment;
Hebrews 11: Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."
   As I look at this denomination, it has dominated my church life.  I was dedicated as a baby.  I was baptized, went through Bible college and achieved my masters degree from Southern Baptist institutions.  I licensed and ordained as a minister from an SBC church.  It was natural for me to look past my casual experience with southern baptist to the very roots  of our traditions and ways.
key to baptist spirituality is the scriptures. The key in the heart of even a baby christian baptist is the question of whether what we are doing lines up with the Bible. It is from this that Baptist have often labeled their way of life "New Testament Christianity".  In the contemporary culture I know that even ministers may look at me as crazy delving into these subjects. Yet I assume that they have been blind.
   As I consider the scriptures warnings about leaven. I must ask if we are responsible for our culture as a movement.  What was the leaven that destroyed what the supreme court once admitted was a "christian nation"?(united states vs. the trinity)

The gay rights movement descends itself from a combination of socialism and psychology and of course sexology.  All 3 of these movements are based upon a Darwinian evolutionary worldview.  
In the mid 1800's  Darwinism was born and set western academia on fire.  The naturalist worldview had established itself and was desperately longing for a theory to rid itself from any need for God or piety. many of the SBC theologians had already given in on the idea of a young earth. it was not very much a matter of time before the seminaries 1st major apostate Crawford Toy.  The teaching of evolution lead him toward the path of textual criticism, universalism and eventual denial of Christ.  His fiance at the time was the legendary "Lottie Moon" famous as a missionary to China. 
    We must remember that evolution is not a new idea.  It has the same recipe for disaster that it always has, the modernist world is simply a person illiterate of history.  Crawford Toy left the seminary but did plant the seeds into many before he left.  Later on E.Y.Mullins who actually contributed to R.A. Torrey's "Fundamentals" held to a type or progressive Old Earth meet's theistic evolution.  Mullins would construct the original 1925 "Baptist Faith and Message" during this period J. Frank Norris initiated the Southern exodus of Independent baptist over the fact that Mullins would not establish creationist doctrine that would hold groups like "Baylor University".  The Southern Baptist refused to strain out the leaven. Today,  faculty at Baylor would be harsh to William Dembski who advocated a creationism not a great deal more conservative than Mullin's views.  The leaven would leaven the whole lump.  Baptist theologian A.H. Strong was fairly conservative and would lament the apostasy of his Son for advocating universalism.  By the 1940's the SBC Academics would be infiltrated with liberalism.  This slippery slope would repeat itself continually throughout contemporary Baptist history.  Much of this apostasy was disguised as pastors learned the fine art of sophistry.  They would claim Bible believing sermons to the congregants and then share their true views at school.  They called this "double speak"(the baptist reformation Jerry Sutton) It was not until the very end of the 1970's that Bible believers would regain a foot hold in SBC leadership.  Yet just as Herod's temple did not have the glory of Salomon's temple; the baptist reformation has not shined the glory of the New Testament Church.  Creationism was still a minority teaching.  many still held to the big bang theory. which is the intellectual foundation for Darwinian evolution.  Thus science departments even baptist would cling to the leaven.  After the Baptist reformation, evolution would be allowed criticism, but the academics were still critical of creationism.  Most of the new faculty held to a modified creationism.  I was taught this modified creationism at Boyce college.  Later some young earth creationist were finally allowed on faculty.  Yet there is still a strong vein of the leaven as many in the seminary have publicly criticized Answers in Genesis for teaching the literal view of creation. 
  The leaven also leavened our Bibles. Textual criticism has it's basis in evolutionary thought. The presupposition that The Bible was lost and that changing the bible will lead to evolution in religion.  The large scale criticism led to liberal Christianity.  Yet small scale textual criticism now had a foot hold even among the more conservative Baptist.   The Textus Receptus is the traditional Greek New Testament.  It is a collation of the Byzantine manuscripts, specifically the ones preserved for the Reformers.  The Anabaptist would often worship under the direct preaching of the Greek masterpiece.  The reformation based it's right to exist and survive under the premise of "sola scriptura" The idea that the Bible had greater authority than the traditions of the church and the roman catholic church.  If they were wrong about what the Bible was, then their Bible's gave them no authority over the catholic church.  So the theology of the reformation is based upon the scholarship of the reformation, giving us recognition of the Bible.
 Traditionally our confessions have stated such authority.
 The 2nd london Baptist confession "Paragraph 8. The Old Testament in Hebrew (which was the native language of the people of God of old),14 and the New Testament in Greek (which at the time of the writing of it was most generally known to the nations), being immediately inspired by God, and by His singular care and providence kept pure in all ages, are therefore authentic; so as in all controversies of religion, the church is finally to appeal to them."
The philadelphia confession
"The Old Testament in Hebrew, (which was the native language of the people of God of old),13
and the New Testament in Greek, which (at the time of the writing of it) was most generally known to the nations, being immediately inspired by God, and by His singular care and providence kept pure in all ages, are therefore authentical; so as in all controversies of religion, the church is finally to appeal to them.
The New Hampshire confession
"We believe that the Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired, and is a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction;1 that it has God for its author, salvation for its end,2 and truth without any mixture of error for its matter;3 that it reveals the principles by which God will judge us;4 and therefore is, and shall remain to the end of the world, the true center of Christian union"
The orthodox creed 1678
" And no Decrees of Popes, or Councils, or Writings of any Person whatsoever, are of equal Authority with the sacred Scriptures. And by the holy Scriptures we understand, the Canonical Books of the Old and New Testament, as they are now translated into our English Mother-Tongue, of which there hath never been any doubt of their Verity, and Authority, in the Protestant Churches of Christ to this Day."
The baptist faith and message 2000
" It is a perfect treasure of divine instruction. It has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter. Therefore, all Scripture is totally true and trustworthy. It reveals the principles by which God judges us, and therefore is, and will remain to the end of the world, the true center of Christian union, and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and religious opinions should be tried. All Scripture is a testimony to Christ, who is Himself the focus of divine revelation."
The scriptures agree.
Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. 19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
Luke 16: 17 And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail
John 10:35b"unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;"
1 peter 1:23 being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. 24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: 25 but the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you."

  Yet our new Greek critical text which in itself has changed well over 30 times has removed 3,000 words (roughly the same amount of text as 1st and 2 peter combined)  it has changed around 9,000 words; and these are statistics for the literal word for word translations! The majority of New translations go by a thought for thought translation philosophy.   This philosophy has no fidelity to translating words, only the thoughts. As we have seen above scripture is inspired down to the "jot and tittle". 2 peter 1: 20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. 21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."  If the prophets are not allowed private interpretation as to revelation, then why are the translators?

   Many SBC churches encourage the reading of "The message Bible" whom does not provide quite the same gospel  John 3:16-18 "16-18"This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person's failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him." No longer is heaven everlasting.  but their is just a promise of long physical life.
During the period of liberalism a southern baptist translator Robert Bratcher the translator for "Today's English Bible" or "Good news For modern Man" Spoke to a brazillian baptist newsletter and denied the deity of Christ.(O Jornal Batista"Questions & Answers" (July 9, 1953)  He also declared "`If we build our faith wholly on the Bible, then we are building our faith on shifting sand."(The Greenville News, November 8, 1970)  Yet His translation is in the pews of many southern baptist churches still to this very day.
  In recent years the denomination conservatives were offended over the TNIV for using gender inclusive language they felt it would distort doctrine.  Then afterwords there was a 2011 edition to the NIV.  The protesting ministers said that they want to go back to the earlier standards of the 1984 edition of the NIV.  They had there demands met. But did the 1984 NIV really meet the standards of orthodxy?
 John 1:18 No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.
NIV1984 John 1:18 No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father's side, has made him known." 
   So God the one and only is at the father's side? Doesn't that insinuate that the father is not God?
We must remember the curses of revelation
revelation 22: 18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
NIV  revelation22
: 18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.

  Yet the King James Bible,  which is untouched by evolutionary critics has been the popular Bible of the baptist people.
"Despite the abundance of modern translations, or perhaps because of them, the king James version of the Bible is still by far the best selling book in the English speaking world.  Most English speaking Baptist families have three or more copies of that one translation-in addition to whatever copies of whatever other versions they may have.  Most Baptist preachers still preach from the King James version."* Baptist and the Bible pg 406)
 Why is this so important to the issue of marriage here in America? Because many pastors will preach in all sincerity that though Man's law has changed as to the nature of marriage.  That God's law never changes.  This will seem pretty confusing in churches with many different Bibles.  Also the many Bibles also for very corrupt translations to seem respectable.

Our hold upon God's law is inherently connected with our view of creation.
exodus 20:Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: 10 but the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: 11 for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
  While we teach that the law does not save.  The law of God does condemn and takes away life.
Deuteronomy 30:16 in that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments, that thou mayest live and multiply: and the Lord thy God shall bless thee in the land whither thou goest to possess it. 17 But if thine heart turn away, so that thou wilt not hear, but shalt be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them; 18 I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish, and that ye shall not prolong your days upon the land, whither thou passest over Jordan to go to possess it."
  The reality of God has been missing more and more in American life.  Yet this was missing more and more in baptist life.
  Ideas like "baptist theology" and what baptist believe have slowly eroded away.  The baptist church has lost it's identity
"Christian baptism is the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is an act of obedience symbolizing the believer's faith in a crucified, buried, and risen Saviour, the believer's death to sin, the burial of the old life, and the resurrection to walk in newness of life in Christ Jesus. It is a testimony to his faith in the final resurrection of the dead. Being a church ordinance, it is prerequisite to the privileges of church membership and to the Lord's Supper." BF&M baptism article 7
 Here we see that Christian baptism is prerequisite to the priveldges of church membership.  This means that unless one qualifies as having christian baptism they are not to be members of the SBC.  Nor are they qualified to have ANY leadership position in the church including deacons and pastors.

A baptist has a different baptism which in the end will make it have a different church body.  A body that is regenerate and born again.  The scripture states..2 corinthians 6: 14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 15 and what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? 16 and what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, 18 and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty."
Many southern baptist churches have watered down their doctrines.  Preachers like John Piper have argued for allowing infant baptism.  Many seeker sensitive Christians have allowed for membership to be obtained from membership cards.  Many people visiting are allowed leadership positions in sbc churches without actually being members.  Not to mention sbc churches having speakers and promoting the teachings and books of non-baptist.  I know of popular liberals, New Agers, anti-trinitarians, and other heresies that have freely taught from SBC pulpits. How can we possibly guard our flocks when we freely connect them to false teaching?

But this is not new.  The problem of separation is biblical.
Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.
Revelation 2:18 And unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write; These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass; 19 I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first. 20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. 21 And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. 22 Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. 23 And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works."
  In fact the scripture warns us of joining with the great whore of Babylon.
Revelation 18:For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities."   Protestants leaders across the board universally interpreted the catholic church as prophetic fulfillment of Rev. 17-18.
Not only did early baptist understand this along with other protestants but many in the SBC interpretted their core baptist theology as instively antithetical to the theology of Rome.

"If these principles are true to the Word of God, and the author unhesitatingly believes that they are, the baptist are obligated to God and to man to proclaim them, in contrast with the errors of the church of Rome, the most obstinate and implacable opponent of these principles." forward "The Baptist Faith and Roman Catholicism".  
    The Author Wendall Homes Rone was not just a baptist minister, he is part of the famous Taylor family making him an ancestor to many great baptism ministers like Adoniram Judson and William Carey.  His book was highly favored and endorse by SBC president J.D.Grey
  In modern times the SBC has changed it's ways,  it has become quite friendly to roman Catholics.  many various forms of ecumenicism especially through the work of Billy Graham have fused the SBC with Roman Catholicism.  In Fact, Graham had directed many converts of his crusades to Roman Catholic churches even though he was a "baptist minister". We would then see major groups like "evangelicals and Catholics together". Supposedly, to fight political evils.  Even though no political evils have stopped!  Interesting to me, was when I was attending Bible College many theological debates were sponsored by the Acton Institute.   I didn't know this at the time but later found out that the Acton Institute was a Roman Catholic institution!  Why would debates between Baptist theologians be sponsored by a Roman Catholic institution? especially on Southern Baptist property in the southern Baptist theological seminary?
     But when we consider the nature of Roman Catholicism during this time period it seems even quite more bizarre.  During the period of 1950-2000 over 5,000 American RCC priests molested about 100.000 children more than 90% were boys being sodomized.  This had to be more than a healthy population to the US homosexual population. Also in this time period Baptist leaders agreed to help John F. Kennedy get elected to the presidency though Roman Catholic.  This really seems odd considering the reports that JFK was funded by the Italian Mafia.  Yes many baptist in this era supported the democrats.  The same democratic political machine which would bring us abortion on demand.  The unborn baby was called a fetus, a piece of genetic tissue as evolution dictates. So the leaven leavened the lump.  Since evangelicals have partnered with Catholics, bible doctrine has watered down, morals have watered down, and evangelicals apologist have had to waste their time defending the actions of the catholic church.  Defending it's inquisition against heretics who held to the same faith as us.  Defending it's use of force verses real evangelism.  Taking their blame as our heritage.   The organization who based it's philosophy(thomism) off of the philosophy of a pagan homosexual (Aristotle). Did we ever notice that the most historically Catholic parts of America (San Fransisco, New Orleans, Baltimore etc) were the most infested with the gay lifestyle?
      Do Baptist know who they are?  Not really, baptist history was heavily altered thanks to ecumenicism. of course much of this controversy was born with the Whitsett controversy who taught that baptist are not the New testament church but actually some man made protestant group that owes it's origins to Roman Catholicism. As a man-made organization the SBC would no longer have to bend to the will of the Bible.  Instead they can get 501c3 status and let the government define them as a business subject to rules of government.  This is why Southern Baptist now like to cling to "evangelical" a title linked to Martin Luther who would proclaim the gospel but could not completely segregate His church from Catholicism.  (This was most recently seen when the Lutheran world federation signed a joint statement on justification with RCC leaders.) Why couldn't the SBC use the title previously used "New Testament Church" as their ancestors? They probably didn't want the responsibility of separation.  But the New Testament Church is prophesied to remain preserved.
Matthew 16:And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
Ephesians 4: 21 unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."
So baptist have drifted into two groups of error in regard salvation and the christian life.  First is the seeker sensitivity style of easy-believism.  The man centered worship that has dominated Southern baptist churches and worship.  Churches have become the body of guest seeking entertainment instead of the Body of Christ. 
So many are shifting to lordship salvation the idea that we must repent of our sins in order to obtain forgiveness.  This is easily a march back to Rome, which sounds logical being the ecumenical unity.  
But it is believing our lord which will not only give us grace but the love that will convict us and drive us to repentance.
  So in the middle of the churches that left in total apostasy the conservative Southern Baptist offered their children evangelism by a worldly motive followed by preaching of repentance prior to salvation.
    Our political involvement has been at the least confusing.   Evangelicals abandoned activism for decades.  Then they started to protest an issue here then an issue there.  If we were really concerned we should have been protesting starting at the divorce epidemic.  We should have noticed that the divorce rate among pastors was equivalent to the divorce rate among secular people.
We should have been wise enough to react when the government originally redefined marriage with the doctrine of "no fault divorce".
  How many families have we watched perish!!!  We have stood by as home after home was broken. Mike Huckabee as governor made a great legislative move where people could enter into a more binding marriage covenant which would restrict couples from the quickie divorce and have them take counseling courses before such action.  Looking at the attitude of the early gay rights movement and the original redefinition of no-fault divorce.  If there were no "no fault" there would be no "gay marriage movement"  there have already been many gay divorces in same sex states years before this decision. Southern Baptist leadership decided to reject the conservative evangelical baptist minister and governor Mike Huckabee in favor of the New England Mormon minister and governor Mitt Romney.  The majority of conservatives rejected huckabee over the years as a liberal republican.   Apparently either they wanted a liberal version of republican or they wanted to show that they supported candidates who teach falsely about christ.  Of course they claimed this is because they thought he could win.  Which he didn't ever.  But the billy Graham association thought this worthy of changing biblical doctrine and accepting Mormonism as a form of Christianity to give him a chance of victory.
  So now we have a worldly congregation indoctrinated with unbiblical teaching.  We have a passive SBC church incapable teaching and preaching the word of God in a pure way.
When I listen to the modern SBC preacher I see a combination of a car salesman and a beggar.  I man that is trained to simply get a group to cooperate and beg for approval if he fails to convince.  A denomination that is no longer dominating American protestant life when they add up their numbers correctly and is less evangelistic today than a generation earlier when they had a smaller population to evangelized.
  We can talk about how we need to better explain ourselves.  But our gospel is not about us.  If your church wants to evangelize it doesn't need a big selfie of the staff or membership, it needs to post the gospel!
It is not about how intelligent we are or how popular or nice. It is the power of God.
2 corinthians 2:And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God."
   We have to stop acting as if we are dependent upon man-made systems instead of being the true adopted children of God almighty.
Zechariah 4:Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts."
 Apologetic arguments are intellectually stimulating and it is encouraging to know how pathetic unbiblical arguments really are.  But our generation has fallen in love with such stupidity not because of it's truth but because of their pleasure and lack of fear in God.  They Don't fear God because we don't show God.  They think we are kidding because we fear so many other things than God.
job 28:  28 And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom;
and to depart from evil is understanding." 
  I and many of you have seen this day coming.  Yet when it came it broke so many hearts.  I can't tell you how enraged I was on behalf of a woman at my church.  not because of outsiders.  But because her own children whom she took to church and led worship with and prayed with and taught the Bible for so many years are now wearing the gay pride flag. Sure it was nice that the leadership stood up and said the right things.  But what does that matter when our SBC children have grown Heathen?

   This is why I wrote this letter.
1 peter 4: 17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
1 corinthians 5:Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump? Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us: therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth."

We must make our repentance complete if we are to gain God's Favor.  This is true privately, but it is also true socially our congregations need to be a chaste bride.
 2 corinthians 11:For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him."

Maybe you are incapable of repenting
luke 13: And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilæans were sinners above all the Galilæans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."
1 john 5: 16 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it. 17 All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death."

The are great days of darkness and persecution ahead of us.  We need the power of God to survive.
I do not write this to hurt you or leave you in guilt.  I do not write this to pick a fight.  I do not write this in self-righteousness there are many things I wish I could have done better.
But we have to stop looking through the glass half dimmed world.  We have to open our eyes to our God and let Him be our head Christ. 
We in the SBC need to repent
1. Get back to the traditional bible.
2. Get back to the New Testament church as Baptist Identity
3. Get back to separation and a regenerate church
4. stand up for truth in the public square as God has privileged us
5. Depend on the power of God as our power in outreach instead of popularity.
2 chronicles 7:14 if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."  

In Christ,
Matt Singleton

Saturday, June 20, 2015

4c plan Crush Common Core through Cosmology


Common Core and next generation science standards has used federal/socialism methods to take over American education.  This gives us an inferior educational structure and it has also been used to inculcate towards a left leaning social policy.  This paper will prove that these policies push a religious opinion in cosmology which is unconstitutional according to how alternative explanations have been treated.  This undermines the whole system in U.S. Schools.

I. Religion even in Science Curriculum is banned from the public schools.  from the memorandom of Judge William R. Overton
""The religious movement known as Fundamentalism began in nineteenth century America as part of evangelical Protestantism's response to social changes, new religious thought and Darwinism. Fundamentalists viewed these developments as attacks on the Bible and as responsible for a decline in traditional values."
"a) "Creation-science" means the scientific evidences for creation and inferences from those scientific evidences. Creation-science includes the scientific evidences and related inferences that indicate: (1) Sudden creation of the universe, energy, and life from nothing; (2) The insufficiency of mutation and natural selection in bringing about development of all living kinds from a single organism; (3) Changes only within fixed limits of originally created kinds of plants and animals; (4) Separate ancestry for man and apes; (5) Explanation of the earth's geology by catastrophism, including the occurrence of a worldwide flood; and (6) A relatively recent inception of the earth and living kinds."
"Both the concepts and wording of Section 4(a) convey an inescapable religiosity. Section 4(a)(1) describes "sudden creation of the universe, energy and life from nothing." Every theologian who testified, including defense witnesses, expressed the opinion that the statement referred to a supernatural creation which was performed by God."
Does not the big bang theory imply creationism the same way?
"If we live in a universe full of stuff, how did it get here? And many people think that very question implies the need for a creator. But what's truly been amazing, and what the book's about is the revolutionary developments in both cosmology and particle physics over the past 30 or 40 years that have not only changed completely the way we think about the universe but made it clear that there's a plausible case for understanding precisely how a universe full of stuff, like the universe we live in, could result literally from nothing by natural processes." Lawrence Krauss
Here the famous atheist physicist admits that the big bang theory is something that came from nothing. Also if we examine closely we will see that Lawrence admits that his atheistic view of the big bang is "truly...amazing" "to many".  Krauss' language is weak when he only contends that his view is "plausible".

When we see judge overton's words that the idea of something from nothing does "convey inescapable religiosity"  it seems obvious that the big bang theory is religious in origin.
In fact the big bang theory was developed by a religious clergyman/jesuit priest!
 "Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître (French: [ʒɔʁʒə ləmɛtʁ]; 17 July 1894 – 20 June 1966) was a Belgian priest, astronomer and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Leuven.[1] He proposed (independently of Russian physicist Alexander Friedman) the theory of the expansion of the universe, widely misattributed to Edwin Hubble.[2][3] He was the first to derive what is now known as Hubble's law and made the first estimation of what is now called the Hubble constant, which he published in 1927, two years before Hubble's article.[4][5][6][7] Lemaître also proposed what became known as the Big Bang theory of the origin of the Universe, which he called his "hypothesis of the primeval atom" or the "Cosmic Egg".[8]"

" For the question cannot be suppressed: Why does the universe exist rather than nothing? In light of the universe's origin ex nihilo, one can no longer dismiss this question with a shrug and a slogan, "The universe is just there and that's all." For the universe is not "just there;" rather it came into being. The beginning of the universe discloses that the universe is not, as Hume thought, a necessarily existing being but is contingent in its existence. Philosophers analyzing the concept of necessary existence agree that the essential properties of any necessarily existing entity include its being eternal, uncaused, incorruptible, and indestructible14--for otherwise it would be capable of non-existence, which is self-contradictory. Thus, if the universe began to exist, its lacks at least one of the essential properties of necessary existence-eternality. Therefore, the reason for its existence cannot be immanent, but must in some mysterious way be ultra-mundane, or transcendent. Otherwise, one must say that the universe simply sprang into being uncaused out of absolutely nothing, which seems absurd. Sir Arthur Eddington, contemplating the beginning of the universe, opined that the expansion of the universe was so preposterous and incredible that "I feel almost an indignation that anyone should believe in it--except myself."15 He finally felt forced to conclude, "The beginning seems to present insuperable difficulties unless we agree to look on it as frankly supernatural."16
I find that most scientists do not reflect philosophically upon the metaphysical implications of their theories. But, in the words of one astrophysical team, "The problem of the origin [of the universe] involves a certain metaphysical aspect which may be either appealing or revolting."17
In conclusion:William Lane Craig has convinced multitudes that the Big bang theory teaches proof of the existence of God.  While the courts opinion that creation out of nothing is inherently religious
and as a result should not be taught in public schools.
      We see this played out in a subtil way when the courts banned Intelligent Design,  a system of thought which adhere's to the big bang theory
" After a searching review of the record and applicable caselaw, we find that while ID arguments may be true, a proposition on which the Court takes no position, ID is not science. We find that ID fails on three different levels, any one of which is sufficient to preclude a determination that ID is science. They are: (1) ID violates the centuries-old ground rules of science by invoking and permitting supernatural causation; (2) the argument of irreducible complexity, central to ID, employs the same flawed and illogical contrived dualism that doomed creation science in the 1980s; and (3) ID's negative attacks on evolution have been refuted by the scientific community. …It is additionally important to note that ID has failed to gain acceptance in the scientific community, it has not generated peer-reviewed publications, nor has it been the subject of testing and research. Expert testimony reveals that since the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries, science has been limited to the search for natural causes to explain natural phenomena. (page 64) [for "contrived dualism", see false dilemma.]"

"Next Generation Science Standards" teaches the big bang theory as part of the common core curriculum.
" All material in the universe was created in a huge "explosion," creating and defining matter and space."

 The big bang theory is the intellectual foundation for the evolutionary theory.

II  Big bang cosmology is intellectually dead
 a. red shift is hazy

 b. galaxies contradict expansion

c. Stars formation is unexplained and contradicts gas laws.
d. disproportionate antimatter
e. axis of evil
f.  farthest stars are clear
   "You don’t see a universe that is blurred. If you take any Hubble Space Telescope Deep Field image you see sharp images, which is enough to tell us that the light has not been distorted or perturbed by fluctuations in space-time from the source to the observer. (Robert Roy Britt,, April 2, 2003 interviewing Roberto Ragazzoni concerning the article “The Lack of Observational Evidence for the Quantum Structure of Space time at Planck Scales,” The Astrophysical Journal, April 10, 2003, co-authored by Massimo Turatto and Wolfgang Gaessler).
G.  lack proof evidence for dark matter and dark energy

III.    3 Pillars of New Years Cosmology
a. universe is more magnetic than gravity based

b. universe is spinning around our planet
c. the universe has undergone a catastrophe which even affects the earth.


We know what is at stake if we do not destroy this system.....

Monday, June 15, 2015

A new look at an old word: chapter 1 Biblical Presuppostions to Biblical criticism

   When we discuss the issues that surround Biblical manuscripts, there is an invisible topic or elephant in the room that no one discusses, and that is authority.  How do we determine the authority of the Bible; and what do we have to judge the scriptures? Before we approach the question of which manuscripts are accurate, we must ask ourselves , what are our philosophical presuppositions going in?  When we engage in these questions, we are engaging in the practice of epistemology.
E-pis-te-mol-o-gy) n.  The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, it's presuppositions and foundations and it's extent and validity. (American Heritage Dictionary)
 Many secularists have declared that man is the measure of all things, before man, who was there to measure it?

Job 38:3-7Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

Gird up now thy loins like a man;
for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.
Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?
Declare, if thou hast understanding.
Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest?
or who hath stretched the line upon it?
Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened?
or who laid the corner stone thereof;
when the morning stars sang together,
and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Many use the argument  that truth is just a story we tell, but this would mean there is no truth, then they become liars.
Job 38:Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

 We ought to start out our theological task in consideration of God prior to our discussion of worldly Affairs.

"The independence or Aseity of God.  By this is meant that God is in no sense correlative to or dependent upon anything beside his own being.  The term source can not be applied to God. God is absolute (John 5:26; Acts 17:25) he is sufficient unto himself." (pg.5)
"Man cannot in any sense be the source of his own being; Man cannot in any sense be immutable or simple." (pg. 5)
"Man as a creature can not will anything either by way of obedience or by way of disobedience except in a relation of subordination to the plan of God." pg. 12
"Man was created in God's image.  Man can never outgrow his creature hood this plus a definite connotation into the expression that man is like God.  He is like God, to be sure but always on a creaturely scale." pg. 14

"When man fell it was therefore an attempt to do without God n every respect." pg. 15
"Originally man had interpreted the universe under the direction of God but now He sought to interpret the universe without reference to the kind of God defined above." pg. 15-16 Cornelius Van Til Christian Apologetics
   If you believe in the Christian God, you need to apply the doctrine of Him into all your thoughts and interpretations of life.  You are not the starting point!  God is the starting point.  We cannot make a world without God and then somehow force him to fit into it!  From our understanding of God, we know that He is ultimate, self-sufficient and sovereign.  While we on the other hand are limited in our capacity and warped by a sinful nature.  Therefore, when we come to a subject as a delicate as the handling of God's Holy Word, we must be careful not to address the situation like that of a pagan. But start out in submission to the authority of God.
If we believe in God, then His word can be understood.
" If God created man in his own rational image and endowed him with the power of speech, then a purpose of language, in fact, the chief purpose of language would naturally be the revelation of truth to man and the prayers of man to God.  ... On the contrary language was devised by God, that is God created man rational for the purpose of theological expression... if reason, i.e. logic, which makes speech possible, is a God given faculty it must be adequate to its divinely appointed task.  And its task is the reception of divinely revealed information and the systematization of these propositions in Dogmatic Theology." Gordon H. Cark "Special revelation as rational"  Revelation and the Bible. Edit. Carl H.F.Henry Habakkuk 2:And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables,that he may run that readeth it.

If we Believe in God, then His Word is authoritative. "No other doctrine is compatible with absolute-personality theism.  If God is a person who speaks with absolute authority, then he reveals himself than supreme authoritative speech and writing. If God revealed himself in such a way that we could freely criticize his words and believe something else instead, then He would not be the God revealed in scripture.  One does not talk back to the Biblical God, His Word has supreme authority.  And just as it can not be disproved by something else of Greater authority, so it can not be disproved in such a way.  God's Word. like himself, must be supremely authoritative and therefore self-attesting.  On the conventional wisdom the biblical doctrine of scripture is implausible; but if you presuppose a Christian worldview no other doctrine of revelation is conceivable" John M. Frame Apologetics to the Glory of God pg. 135

God inspired His Word without error2 Samuel 23:The Spirit of the Lord spake by me, and his word was in my tongue"
Amos 3:Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy?

Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent:
hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?"

Psalm 147:Great is our Lord, and of great power:
his understanding is infinite.
2 Timothy 3:1616 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 

"1319 didaskalia {did-as-kal-ee'-ah}(Doctrine) from 1320, TDNT-2:160,161;n f
AV-doctrine 19, teaching 1, learning 1; 21
1) teaching, instruction 2) teaching 2a) that which is taught doctrine 2b) teachings precepts
1650 elegchos {el'-eng-kbos}(Reproof) from 1651 TDNT-2:476,221; n m AV -reproof
1, evidence 1;2
1) a proof, that by which a thing isproved or tested 2) conviction
Strong's Lexicon

2Peter 1: 
18 And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the holy mount.  19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: 20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

 Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. 19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
- "This refers to the entire  O.T  revelation and the righteousness required by it.  It introduces Jesus' uncompromising acceptance of the authority of the 0.T. as God's  Word (vv.17-19). Verse 18 reflects the extant of inspiration of the Torah or Law. here a reference to the 0.T. Jesus argues that not a  jot' or 'tittle'  shall pass from the Law. 'Jot' is a reference to the smallest  letter in the Hebrew alphabet. the yodh (''' ''). 'Tittle'  refers to a small extension on a Hebrew letter which differentiates it  from another letter. For example, the Hebrew beth ('_') differs from the Herbew Kaph ('_ ') only by a small extension of the beth at the lower right-hand extremity of the letter. The minuteness of detail makes  clear Jesus' view of the thoroughness of inspiration. He rejects the righteousness of the Pharisees and scribes. which is reflected in their interpretations of the Law (vv17-48) as well as in their actual practice o.f righteousness  (6:1-18). The righteousness demanded by the kingdom of God is a righteousness  of the heart, which was envisioned by the Law and the prophets (vv.l7-48). The practice of it is related to others (6:1-4),  to God (6:5-15) and to oneself {6:16-18).  Jesus' insistence upon the authority of his own teaching as equally binding (v. 20) means that he speaks with the authority of God just as did the 0.T prophets. Jesus interpretation of the Law is antithetical to that of the Pharisees. Who charged Jesus with destroying the Law, a charge answered in vv. 17-20. He also warned Antinomians. those who construe liberty as license, that freedom from the law (vv.18-20).  The word for law is the Greek ''nomos", which is analogous to the Hebrew word "Torah". translated "law" meaning "teaching" or ·'direction" Torah referred to the Oral law later codified in the Mishnah (c. A.D.200) or to the gemera (heb., "completion'').. the interpretations of the Mishnah by the rabbis from A.D. 200-500 9c.f  15:2).  It could also designate the Pentateuch, the whole 0.T. the Ten Commandments. or simply instruction. teaching or divine revelation.   The law became so exalted by the rabbis in Judaism that it became the explanation and justification Israel's existence.  However, at the heart of 0.T. religion was the covenant  and not the law. which was only a standard of obedience necessary for the presentation of the covenant relationship."    W.A. Criswell & Paige  Patterson   Holy Bible Baptist Study  Edition (it is interesting in that this publication is new-evangelical and not KJVO)

When we think of Verbal Inspiration it is clear from the passage; to even those with a new-evangelical doctrine against the preservation of scripture, that the very words of the prophets were under the supervision of the Holy Spirit.
God's Word is pure and preserved
Psalm 12:6-7

The words of the Lord are pure words:
as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Thou shalt keep them, O Lord,
thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.
psalm 33:11 The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations.Isaiah6::5 Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.
Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:
And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.
Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.
Isaiah 59:21 As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord; My spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever.
Matthew 24:  35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Luke 16: And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.

God's Word is preserved to bring us assurance of Salvation
1 Corinthians 15:1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have  received, and wherein ye stand; 2 by which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:1 peter 1:23 being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. 24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: 25 but the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.

 The canon of Scripture is God's inspired and preserved revelation

2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 
Mark 13: 10 And the gospel must first be published among all nations. 
Matthew 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

The Canon is identified by Christians, by it's illumination on the hearts of born-again Christians
John 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.  45 It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me. 46 Not that any man hath seen the Father, save he which is of God, he hath seen the Father. 
John 10:26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:"
1 Corinthians 2:10 But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. 11 For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. 13 Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. 16 For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ."
  The Holy Spirit illuminates or moves the hearts of Christians who have been born again. A Christian who has been Born-again is anointed with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit inspired the Bible.  When Christians read the Word of God they can sense that same Holy Spirit.

God is in Heaven

Psalms 119:89 For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.
90 Thy faithfulness is unto all generations:
thou hast established the earth, and it abideth.
91 They continue this day according to thine ordinances:
for all are thy servants.

Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you."
Deuteronomy 12:28 Observe and hear all these words which I command thee, that it may go well with thee, and with thy children after thee for ever, when thou doest that which is good and right in the sight of the Lord thy God.
Deuteronomy 12: 32 What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it. 

Proverbs 30: Every word of God is pure:
he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.
Add thou not unto his words,
lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar". 
Jeremiah 26:Thus saith the Lord; Stand in the court of the Lord’s house, and speak unto all the cities of Judah, which come to worship in the Lord’s house, all the words that I command thee to speak unto them; diminish not a word:
Matthew 15:6 and honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."
1 Corinthians 4: And these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes; that ye might learn in us not to think of men above that which is written, that no one of you be puffed up for one against another. 
1 Thessalonians 5: 27 I charge you by the Lord that this epistle be read unto all the holy brethren  
2Thessalonians 3:14 And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed. 
Revelation 22: 18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

God's Word is preserved by Believers

Isaiah 59:21 As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord;
My spirit that is upon thee,
and my words which I have put in thy mouth,
shall not depart out of thy mouth,
nor out of the mouth of thy seed,
nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed,
saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever.
 Mark 13:10:10 And the gospel must first be published among all nations
 timothy 3:15 but if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

"The church is the house of God; he dwells there. The church  holds forth the Scripture and the doctrine of Christ,  as a pillar holds forth a proclamation. When a church  ceases to be the pillar and ground of truth, we may and ought to forsake her; for our regard to truth should be first and greatest." Matthew Henry

Born again Christians are a royal Priesthood; and one of the duties of the priesthood is to teach God's Word.    
1 Peter 2:9  But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:
Malachi 2:The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity. For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts."It is  Worth noting that the process of selecting  authoritative  books grew out of The life of the Christian community, as that community used those books and found some more valuable than others, rather than being determined by some assembly  of church officials. In a sense, the canon developed  with the community. It therefore grew up out of the community, from the grassroots, as it were, rather than having been imposed from above by some authoritative person or council." Introducing the New Testament Achtemeier, Green, & Thompson   Pg.603-604 (It is good to notice that this was a non-baptist.non-conservative publication.)Old testament was to be preserved by the Jews
Deuteronomy 17:
18 And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests the Levites
  the king Mentioned will be Jesus Christ in His millennial reign.
Romans 3:1 
What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision?
Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the oracles of God.
Romans 9:who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises;"

The New Testament will be preserved by Christians
Mark 13: 
10 And the gospel must first be published among all nations.
Acts 6:But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

1 Corinthians  2:17For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.  
 2 Corinthians 3:14 but their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ."
2 Corinthians 4: but have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. 
 2 Corinthians 4:6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."
Hebrews 8: 10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:

Non-believers are often evil and always depraved and untrustworthy.
Matthew 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
Romans 3: 10 as it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: 11 there is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. 12 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. 13 Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: 14 whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: 15 their feet are swift to shed blood: 16 destruction and misery are in their ways: 17 and the way of peace have they not known: 18 there is no fear of God before their eyes."

Eph 2: wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others."
1 john 3:
10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother."
2 Corinthians 4:
But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."
2 Corinthians 3: 14 but their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.15 But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the vail is upon their heart. 16 Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, the vail shall be taken away.

They are not to be trusted with God's Word because they tend to reject it.
Psalm 50:16 But unto the wicked God saith,
What hast thou to do to declare my statutes,or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth? 17 Seeing thou hatest instruction, and castest my words behind thee.18 When thou sawest a thief, then thou consentedst with him, and hast been partaker with adulterers.19 Thou givest thy mouth to evil, and thy tongue frameth deceit.

Jeremiah 36: And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, I am shut up; I cannot go into the house of the Lord: therefore go thou, and read in the roll, which thou hast written from my mouth, the words of the Lord in the ears of the people in the Lord’s house upon the fasting day: and also thou shalt read them in the ears of all Judah that come out of their cities. It may be they will present their supplication before the Lord, and will return every one from his evil way: for great is the anger and the fury that the Lord hath pronounced against this people. And Baruch the son of Neriah did according to all that Jeremiah the prophet commanded him, reading in the book the words of the Lord in the Lord’s house."

Jeremiah 36: 20 And they went in to the king into the court, but they laid up the roll in the chamber of Elishama the scribe, and told all the words in the ears of the king. 21 So the king sent Jehudi to fetch the roll: and he took it out of Elishama the scribe’s chamber. And Jehudi read it in the ears of the king, and in the ears of all the princes which stood beside the king. 22 Now the king sat in the winterhouse in the ninth month: and there was a fire on the hearth burning before him. 23 And it came to pass, that when Jehudi had read three or four leaves, he cut it with the penknife, and cast it into the fire that was on the hearth, until all the roll was consumed in the fire that was on the hearth. 24 Yet they were not afraid, nor rent their garments, neither the king, nor any of his servants that heard all these words.

John 8: 37 I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you." 
John 8: 43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not." 
John 8: 47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God."

Translators should be judged by their fruits
Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

    Alexandrian advocates dismiss the KJVO definition of preservation.  Yet very rarely do they bother to publicly interact with the texts of scripture that would concern the issue.  Most King James defense books start at the biblical doctrine of preservation; however Alexandrian defense books assume that the advocate must be starting with a presuppositional bias towards the king James bible.  Yet very rarely do they ever run through the scriptures carefully exegeting them to understand what they teach on this topic.  If these passages have been properly interpreted, the debate is over.  Because the opposition has no preserved scriptures to scrutinize.  But some things are better experienced, so let us read on...

      Now the aim of the book is for evangelical pastors as well as any disciple who takes the teaching of God's Word Seriously.  But obviously it is beneficial for any reader. Most should already believe in God and the Bible as the word of God in understanding this book. Yet an unbeliever will stumble on this point obviously.
  The subject is an in house debate, because it deals with our faith and it is really not their business. Religious liberty works 2 ways not only politically but personally. Yet our faith is one that the Lord Jesus commissioned us to spread globally.  Much of the material in this book can be used in terms of apologetics because it defends the fundamental doctrines of Bible believing Christianity. But in terms of logic this book is focused on one subject and that is the preservation and identity of the Holy Bible.  There are many volumes to be read defending the scriptures.  Evidence from physical science, archaeology, history, sociology, law, philosophy etc. has all contributed to establish the bibles credibility.  But this goes to another topic.
 The Bible itself internally provides much of the evidence for itself.  This works out in terms of Prophecy, Unity, and preservation.
Bible Prophecy is a massive topic with hundreds of prophecies about Christ not to mention several hundred others. The Jews deny Christianity and yet the Jewish Bible prophecies of Christ crucifixion.
Daniel 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. 26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
Zechariah 12:
10 And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.
psalm 22:
14 I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint:
my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels. 15 My strength is dried up like a potsherd; and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws; and thou hast brought me into the dust of death.16 For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet."

Isaiah 53:All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way;
and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.He was oppressed, and he was afflicted,
yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter,
and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.
He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation?
for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.
And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death;
because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.
10 Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days,
and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.
11 He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.
12 Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong;
because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors;
and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.
psalm 16:
10 For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell;
neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.
      The Bible is not one book. In reality it is 66 books.  Christians understand that the Bible is one book in the sense that God is its author.  But why do unbelievers run with this assumption?  The Bible has multiple writers ranging from 1400BC to 95AD. Across 3 continents ranging from Kings to farmers in 3 languages.  How could there be any unifying theme? How could there be any such Unity with zero profit motive?
Especially important to this book is the propagation of the Bible.  Even if we limit the Bible to the King James it is the most reproduced book on earth.  But the Bible is available in every major language as well as most languages in general.
Yet Christianity has many enemies and these enemies have killed Christians and burnt their Bibles.  Many have assumed that the world is done with religion.   As such was Voltaire.
"'Another century and there will not be a Bible on the Earth.'" that century has gone and the circulation of the Bible is one of the marvels of the age.  Voltaire has passed into history, and it is said that the old printing press which was used to print his infidel literature has been used to print the Word of God and the very house where he lived is packed with Bibles.  It is the depot for the Geneva Bible Society." pg. 45  P.B. Fitzwater Christian Theology