Monday, January 16, 2017

American English School

I am working with this theme based on the tradition of "Hebrew school" and "Latin school" where the school entails more than just a language.
American English school embodies a protestant american ideology.  This is a curriculum which would embody the ideology.  A loosely based analog or perhaps simply a "Great books seminar."
Now the reader must be reminded that only one of these books is portrayed to be inspired, infallible, innerrant and authoritative and preserved.  That is the authorized Version of the Bible called KJV.  The other books are subject to it's authority and should not be presented with any of these adjectives.

The New England Primer

American dictionary Noah Webster 1828
  The English language put forth at the height of it's rationality and beauty.  The biblical roots of the American language are thus restored.  This is a must read companion to the  King James version.

Authorized "King James" Version 1769 Cambridge
The version and edition of scripture which conquered the earth.  This text is essential in the lives of all believers especially American English speakers.

Annals of the World by Archbishop James Usher:
  The Arch-bishop reconciles both secular and biblical history into one devastating volume.  the foundation of an American English worldview.

"Thales to dewey" by Gordon Clark
  Reformed theologian and philosopher Gordon Clark expounds the history of Western philosophy carefully dissecting the logic of man.

Religion, Reason and Revelation
Reveals the devastation that no secular system has ever come close to  pushing justified knowledge.  All that is left is the need for total submission to Christ.

Albion Restored
  The hidden history of the 1st professed christian nation, Now Vindicated!

The history of the christian church with a peculiar account of the albigenses and waldenses by William Jones
The hidden history of ancient believers who held closer to scripture than Rome; and sacrificed everything for it.

Axioms of religion by E.Y. Mullins
The exposition of the Baptist worldview revealing the liberation of the church in the Kingdom of God and biblical bases for religious liberty.

Fundamentals R.A.Torrey(contributors)
Scholars united to espouse the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

A New Directory for Baptist Churches by E. Hiscox
The most thorough New Testament Church ecclesiology to my recollection.

"Jews Gentiles and the Church" by  David Larson
"Things to come: J.Dwight Pentecost
A very strong consistent case for the Dispensational approach to prophecy.

  The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop
  Where did the world religions come from? The classic piece documents how the pagan religions all descend from the tower of babel at the time of confusion.

A treatise on religious affections by Jonathon Edwards
  how do we truly know one is born again?   And ingenious work by Jonathon Edwards

Revivals of Religion by Charles Finney
How does revival happen?  How does God work on the heart?  The ultimate revival book.

The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee
The nature of man in spirit soul and body.  Nee's eastern genius reveals the function of a spiritfilled born again Christian.

"The Saints' Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter
The classic puritan peace guides us to a heavenly mindset that overcomes the world.

Psychological Seduction : The Failure of Modern Psychology

The principia: Mathematical principles of natural philosophy
The foundations of modern science are here. Surprisingly newton believed in a creator and was loosely christian. This book is essential in dealing with the strengths and weaknessess in the process of science.

The biblical basis for modern Science by Henry Morris
A primer on Geocentricity Gerardus Beouw
In the beginning...  by Walt Brown

Ken Ham
, Don Batten, Carl Wieland 

make the scientific case that humanity is truly only one race

shakespear Romeo and Juliet
Paradise lost Milton
Pilgrims Progress 
Mark twain,
Edgar Allen Poe

declaration  of independence by Thomas Jefferson
The United states constitution

Common sense and rights of man by Thomas Payne

The naked communist by Cleon Skousin

"The secret war against the Jews" and "Unholy trinity" by John loftus and Mark Aarons
These are great works dealing in the secret history of the intelligence community.

pat buchannon makes the case for conservative nationalism
michael Savage responds to obama and makes the case for conservatism

Daily living
The Country Living Handbook: A Back-to-Basics Guide to Living Off the Land
It is time we learn survival and the basics of the agrarian lifestyle

Morris G. Kline

Why Johnny Can't Add: The Failure of the New Math

Malcolm Mathis :"The un-unified field: and other problems".

Larry burkett "The coming economic earth Quake"  Succesful prediction of Americas economic crisis
Thomas Sowell
Dave Ramsey personal finance tips.

I believe this curriculum would inculcate a greater a more accurate worldview of the fundamental protestant, and New Testament Christian  American people and worldview.