Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The fate of the pseudo-Kentucky Academic common core standards

To the Kentucky board of education,
   As a product of the Jefferson County, Kentucky public school system with an environmental science diploma, the son of an award winning Jefferson County Public School Teacher, and an experienced minister of youth and children a great deal of my life's energy is devoted to what is happening in my communities public school system.

My experience

   I make no apologies for being a concerned citizen and activist for conservative political values.  There are massive movements to "fundamentally change" my country.  But the fundamentals of my country produced a superior society that has with stood some of the most powerful and dangerous empires, that overcame immoral institutions from within, that has brought society modern technology and economic prosperity and a common altruism to unite us all.
   Public school education is not and will not be prefect, so it is only natural to acknowledge the mistakes of the past.  But the change in public education has become an ideological tool and the "next generation science standards" and "common core curriculum", Has made a fundamental shift from a secular public school system to a sectarian socialist institution. Which is not legal.

 School money not to be used for church, sectarian, or denominational school
  No portion of any fund or tax now existing or that may hereafter be raised or levied, shall be appropriated to, or used by, or in aide of, any church, sectarian, or denominational school."

    The movement of this legislation was not well advertised, and much of it was already set in motion. So it was a desperate and short time to respond.   But a congregation of dissenters spontaneously emerged and offered a remarkable sound and cogent response.
    Myself and my associate Clint Hardy recorded the meeting on our internet radio program KY-Grassroots Radio.
    Then I preserved my speech in written form. (click link)
   This may seem tedious but it was obviously not in vain.  There was a quote from my speech taken slightly out of context and removed from my main point..
It was reported in the Louisville courier Journal and then picked up by the Cincinnati Inquirer and the Miami Herald and finally on the Huffington Post. (click link)

    It was carried and commented on by other papers and bloggers.  Receiving national attention was a thrill but extremely short lived.  Because the platform I had as a citizen was impugned.  You see the "journalists" all took from the one reporter.  They would repeat the story without a response from me.  One day, I found that I had received an email from a representative of the Huffington post the week earlier.  They claimed that if I possessed camera equipment and could link satelite equipment to them within 2 hours of the email then I could be on their television program. Obviously being a week later I could not.  Although I wonder if they had access to my email why could they not have access to my number or Facebook page?
  Thousands of people responded negatively on their program from San Francisco, and people ignorant of what I actually said were attacking a caricature of my speech. If I had a high paid job or position of leadership at that time, it would have been in serious danger.  But due to God's providence I had fallen on hard times.  Yet I had no platform to respond while my quote was being capitalized on.
   I had 2 main points in my speech. 1. That the evolutionary paradigm is based not in observation of the past, but in conjecture of an unrecorded "pre-history" or "deep time".  This causes the logical fallacy of induction and nullifies certainty as to label this theory a "fact".  So the "next generation science standards" elevating the theory to a "fact" is false and illogical.
    Secondly, the program was a federal government push that had no basis in the citizens of KY and contradicts the intent of the 10th amendment.  The program is inspired by elite billionaires such as Bill Gates controlling the education of KY Youth and removing the input of the citizens.
   Aug 8 I made the trip to Frankfort seeking one last chance to plead my case.  But there was no discussion allowed anymore.  There was only a unanimous decision by the board of education.  There was a report that claimed that all 4,000 questions were thoroughly answered, refuted and responded to.  I have no clue to this day what their response was.  Steve Beshear entered the room to a standing ovation and said it was time for KY to move "forward".
     Some time later I voiced my concerns to the board of directors by E-mail.  I received a letter by Dr. Pruitt.  Now this issue has become a great cause for me in my life.  I have since invested much of my life's energy over the creation evolution debate as I believe it is the intellectual center of this tension. I have researched and written about 70 articles regarding all the issues of science and philosophy since.   (click link)
   So as I read the response by Pruitt, I see a lot of standard propaganda and so I carefully went through the letter and refuted it line by line.  I go through much scientific literature as well as deal with the many court cases cited by Dr. Pruitt to justify curriculum.  I will hope that you will further examine my response as the issues are carefully dealt with.  (click Link)
  I was given no response to this letter.

Evolution is not a valid working hypothesis.

If we do not accept the hypothesis of spontaneous generation, then at this one point of the history of development we must have recourse to the miracle of a supernatural creation. The Creator must have created the first organism, or a few first organisms, from which all others are derived,....."
The History of Creation, Vol. I (of 2), by Ernst Haeckel Ch. 13
  Ernst Haekel was one of the forefathers of evolution and Darwin's apostle to the German people.  Not only was he influential to the germans his material has been used by pubic schools for decades. In his magnum opus "History of Creation" he searches for a philosophically consistent naturalism.  He then makes this prediction, either spontaneous generation(life from non life) or special creation by God.  (For more context read the chapter click)
Now evolutionary theory is based in the idea that all life is connect by ancestry and Haekel conrtucted this in the now famous "Evolutionary Family Tree" illustration, the branches at some point must be united and spontaneous generation is the natural option.

"The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number with forty thousand naughts after it. It is enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor any other, and if the beginnings of life were not random they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence." Nature, vol. 294:105, November 12, 1981.
    The results came in! Here in the Scientific Peer reviewed journal "Nature" it is mathematically demonstrated to be impossible for a life to form from nonlife.  It is even admitted that this would demostrate that this was enough to devastate the the entire theory of evolution!  This statement was subjected to a peer review process.
Not only so,  but this was published before the nation  just 2 months before the conclusion of the  Maclean vs Arkansas trial(creation) November 12, 1981!
The trial lasted 5 months so Justice Overton should have been quite aware of this issue.  So what was his decision?
"The emphasis on origins as an aspect of the theory of evolution is peculiar to the creationist literature. Although the subject of origins of life is within the province of biology, the scientific community does not consider origins of life a part of evolutionary theory. " (Overton's memorandom)
  Thus modern evolutionists to this day will make the claim.  So the darwinian theory is now only limited to biology.  Now this would not make sense as we do not have evidence for all life being related. And Haekel has already demonstrated where the Evolutionary idea was originally.
However, Overton makes yet another claim. (rejecting scientific creationist act)
""The Act is self-contradictory and compliance is impossible unless the public schools elect to forego significant portions of subjects such as biology, world history, geology, zoology, botany, psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, physics and chemistry. Presently, the concepts of evolutionary theory as described in 4(b) permeate the public textbooks."
   Now PAY ATTENTION AS WE SEE THE BAIT-N-SWITCH FALLACY EMPLOYED.  If evolution is only referring to biology then why is he claiming that evolution permeates all these fields!? ??

   But certainly we have found more evidence to refute my contention since 1981 correct?
This was long before we understood DNA and micro biology the way we do today.  For instance we did not understand how the DNA molecule contains coded information.  How much information does it contain?
SCIENTISTS STORE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF INFORMATION ON DNA THROUGH THE PROCESS OF BLIND CHANCE (Friday Church News Notes, December 19, 2014,,, 866-295-4143) - Two scientists have successfully stored 700 terabytes of data on DNA, including a copy of a multimedia book, breaking the previous record by a thousand times. George Church and Sriram Kosuri of the Wyss Institute at the Harvard Medical School stored this massive amount of information on about one gram of DNA (“Harvard cracks DNA storage,” Extreme Tech, Aug. 17, 2012). The stored information is equivalent to 233 3TB hard drives. As a test, the scientists made 70 billion copies of the DNA containing the information. They can foresee the day when “the entirety of human knowledge--every book, uttered word, and funny cat video--can be stored in a few hundred kilos of DNA.” Now, let us address the title of this report: “Scientists Store Massive Amounts of Information on DNA through the Process of Blind Chance.
  These advances in the understanding of microbiology are only magnifying what was already a hopeless proposition.
Now to save valuable time I will refer you to my concise article demonstrating through the evidence how Darwinism is no longer a scientifically viable option. (click on link)

So how does "next generation/KY standards deal with this topic?
  First of all the curriculum not only teaches Darwinian evolution but it's popular companion the big bang theory as historical fact.
(click on link
"Students who demonstrate understanding can:
HS-ESS1-2.Construct an explanation of the Big Bang theory based on astronomical evidence of light spectra, motion of distant galaxies, and composition of matter in the universe."
 So the Child is taught to defend the big bang theory and understand it as history.(HS)  

   Now Judge Overton made some rules to what was and was not religious and at the time the big bang seemed to not contradict his conclusion.
"Both the concepts and wording of Section 4(a) convey an inescapable religiosity. Section 4(a)(1) describes "sudden creation of the universe, energy and life from nothing." Every theologian who testified, including defense witnesses, expressed the opinion that the statement referred to a supernatural creation which was performed by God."So here judge Overton is chiding the creationist.
    However, later on the big bang theory took a turn into the concept of cosmic inflation.  Which teaches that within a period of 2 seconds 99% of the universe formed.
Popular physicist Lawrence Krauss explains the current concept of the big bang.
"If we live in a universe full of stuff, how did it get here? And many people think that very question implies the need for a creator. But what's truly been amazing, and what the book's about is the revolutionary developments in both cosmology and particle physics over the past 30 or 40 years that have not only changed completely the way we think about the universe but made it clear that there's a plausible case for understanding precisely how a universe full of stuff, like the universe we live in, could result literally from nothing by natural processes." Lawrence Krauss
Now His theory is illogical sense nothing does not have nature and no explanation for laws of nature processing anything. More importantly He has admitted to the cosmic inflation big bang defying Overton's Axiom.  And what is the law for one group must be the law for another!

"While anybody is free to approach a scientific inquiry in any fashion they choose, they cannot properly describe the methodology as scientific, if they start with the conclusion and refuse to change it regardless of the evidence developed during the course of the investigation." Overton's memorandom
""Assuming for the purposes of argument, however, that evolution is a religion or religious tenet, the remedy is to stop the teaching of evolution, not establish another religion in opposition to it." ibid
   I couldn't agree more.
Remember to look at my refutation of Dr. Pruitt as I there deal with the fallacy of induction and the issue of religiousity.

Moving Forward in dealing with the false Academic Standards.
Dear Board members,
My agenda is not promote religion at the expense of tax payers, my agenda is to stop it.
I focus on the evolutionary topic because it is an area I have developed a level of expertise in over the years.
But equally we see the sectarian encroachment in other areas such the promotion of Global Warming.  The ideological doctrines have cultural and political implications and more to the point we are wasting valuable time that could be used on topics with universal appeal.
   We must be careful to screen out topics with metaphysical speculations and develop topics with universal practical applications.
    Why are our science departments so weak in the field of electronics and technology?
Could not we stand more education dealing with survival skills?  Economics/business? Civics? First aid/medicine?

I therefore beseech the Board to re-evaluate the controversial and doubted common core curriculum and next generation science standards  that have pretended to be KY Academics Standards and together we can come together as a State and find real solutions for the next generation.
Warmest regards, Sincerely
Rev. Matt Singleton