Sunday, August 30, 2015

admin bullying.

  • Daniel Van Koughnett SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM,
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  • Daniel Van Koughnett //Over the years I have grown quite fond of the ministry of Ray Comfort. He stands for soul winning evangelism and heartfelt piety.//

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  • Matt SIngleton Stop spamming on my post.
  • Matt SIngleton Let's see if he can even tell me what I am actually saying about the movie wink emoticon
  • Daniel Van Koughnett The moment you say you admire a lying sack of s@#% like Comfirt, you lose all credibility here.

    And desires, did you ask an admin if it was ok to flog your blog here? No?
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  • Matt SIngleton If you claim to be a group that discusses faith. Then you need to discuss the nature of faith. otherwise you need to stop spamming.
  • Matt SIngleton I am still waiting to see if you can even figure out what the viewpoint is on this.
  • Benjamin Wirtz Alright how has Ray Comfort lied? You may disagree with his viewpoint and even his style but how has he lied?
  • Benjamin Wirtz He tends bot to allow negative comments on his videos or sometimes no comments at all and I don't like that but that is still not lying.
  • Matt SIngleton The issue is that he is teaching "lordship salvation". Which is not biblical as I demonstrated. Koughnet is spiritually handicapped which leads to a mental handicapped. He can't comprehend this stuff. So he can only lash out with propaganda and cussing. Much like a hog only knows that poop is something he should wallow in.
  • Will Toase If this is a debate you should write your op to explain your point. Straight links aren't allowed.
  • Will Toase Please edit your op or I'll have to remove it.
  • Matt SIngleton Please, show me you comprehend the topic.
  • Will Toase I'm an admin. I'm admining your topic. You're not gonna stay on my good side for long if you take that attitude.
  • Matt SIngleton You really are lucky to have me that's all.
  • Will Toase Won't be having you for long if you don't change your OP so it presents a topic that can be debated.
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  • Matt SIngleton You can't debate faith on here?
  • Will Toase You can, so long as you don't force people to click links to find out what you're on about and you explain yourself.

    You agreed to abide by the rules when you joined.
  • Matt SIngleton did you not read the topic? go back to the topic and read it.
  • Will Toase I did. You're asking if it's rational propositions or emotional merits. You need to explain yourself.
  • Matt SIngleton I believe faith is rational propositions.
  • Matt SIngleton Are you scared of reading the blog? Do you think I wouldn't read something if you posted it?
  • Daniel Van Koughnett You can believe it's a macaroni and cheese dinner... Not going to change reality.
  • Daniel Van Koughnett Are you scared of buying that new Ford truck?
  • Matt SIngleton This is all the "smoke and mirrors fallacy" they are afraid to address the topics so they plot personal attacks and intimidation.
  • Will Toase 1) Any post that is not debatable or that is flaming, preachy, baiting, will be removed without a warning.
    Anything that doesn't meet the criteria of a post fit for this group, will be deleted.
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  • Will Toase You've not given me any reason to keep this post.

    This isn't a preaching group. You have to actually try.
  • Matt SIngleton The lordship savation free grace topic is quite controversial and debated. What is your position Will?
  • Daniel Van Koughnett Poor Matt.... He's sooooooooooo persecuted.
  • Will Toase I shouldn't have to read your entire blog. You aren't anyone to me. It's lazy to make people read your blogs rather than construct an argument. And I'm not afraid to read it. I'm marrying a Christian.
  • Matt SIngleton What is your position Will? What is faith?

    • Will Toase Pantheists don't tend to care about those kinda topics. We have different theological concerns we like to discuss. I want you to alter your OP. Please don't make me ask again.

      • Matt SIngleton Do you not believe in the concept of faith?
      • Will Toase Whilst you've being arguing me you could have constructed a meaningful blog.

        Matt SIngleton I am wanting you to debate faith with me because this group is called debate faith. But I need you to debate faith back... 

        Will Toase I'm going to delete your topic and issue you a warning not to spam this forum with your blog posts. Make an effort next time. And don't think you matter to me than anyone else.

        If you do this again you'll receive a three day ban.