Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rechabite rap (a song of temperance)

Keeping sober and true!!
Rechabites hold it down on your land like you came to do!
You got got!  'Cause you out on your back as you milk that hooch!
Babylonians draggin' you to prison enslavin' you?
Ignoring the prophets chastising you?
So now you lost your anointing; is that workin' for you?

Don't you know I sit back with frustration;
 listening to skank preachers rap on moderation
But you know these holy cons can't save the nation?!

While they spit their game, we don't get to the truth.
Alcohol helps 60% of the crimes against your neighbors and you!

Jesus wouldn't drink liquor as he hung on the cross.
You put a gun to these men's heads there convictions'll be tossed!!
They'll tell ya 'Jesus wants us to get krunk at a bar, it'll witness to the lost!
So put down your bibles and sit on a stump, laugh at bad jokes till your stomach gets pumped!!

"But their's wine in the bible!"
Adultery is there too!
And if you think it in your heart it is a sin to you!
"But what about when Jesus turned water into wine?  
Doesn't he want us to drink too?"
Now stop and use logic, what exactly did he do?
Alcohol is old; but that was only there just a minute or two!
When God made Adam, was he an old man on a walker just missin' a tooth?
Sometimes you gotta think before you get to the truth?

You can't fill the spirit in your heart with a spirit in your gut.
Drinking water that taste like it came out of your butt!
Drinking fast or slow it will infect your kidneys.
And there's nothing liberating about liver disease!
Hell hath enlarged itself  just to put you on the shelf!
I'm just giving you wisdom so you can protect yourself!

No more little babies cry!
Cause your momma and daddy just died
At the liquor on the wheel
As the family yells "why?!?!"

But if you didn't drink you got to save your money,
have a safer relationship with your kids and your honey!

So what can I say,
I'll go spit the truth!
Be a rechabite hold tight, and it'll be well which you!!

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