Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rap Song: They call me young earth!

Chorus: They call me young Earth!
I was made from the Dirt!
And all you Christian Knuckle Walkers is about to get hurt!

You took an existential trip and you mixed it in crap!
and now your so nihilistic, you've been taking a nap!

You I.D. suckas think your smart?
Ha!  You wish!
Cause Michael Behe was nothing but a rip-off of Duane Gish!!
You thought you had a big bang!!
Nope. Just a whimper.
"Please Go away! Don't make Sheldon loose his temper!"

revised chorus: They call me young earth!
I was made from the Dirt!
And all you Knuckle Walkers is about to get hurt!

These new Atheist brats
Think their smart as they foam with rabies
You say your free thinkers when your just muppet babies!
[Wacka! Wacka!]

revised chorus: They call me young earth!
I was made from the Dirt!
And all you Knuckle Walkers is about to get hurt!

When it comes to real geology Charles Lyell Won't love it
Evolution ain't the fittest if it's the truth  that you covet!
The fossils say "flood" with their bones in the mud

You straight outta berkely?
I am straight out da chapel!!
I could crush this debate, with all the right reasons, while you whimper and cry like a back slidden heathen!

The image of God is how we're born! Yet all we show these kids is an image of porn!
Whoops! \There's a baby!  Nope! its a fetus!
We can't raise all these kids! Oh no! We're elitists!
You say you believe only what you see! But you only see what they showed you on MTV!
Cause it was Adam and Eve! Not Adam and[radio edit]

They say they gave you think link in the bones of Lucy, but that chimp was a guy and not Gary busey!!

revised chorus: They call me young earth!
I was made from the Dirt!
And all you Knuckle Walkers is about to get hurt!
hurt!... hurt!...hurt.


Pastor Matt Singleton said...

young earth: the view of a literal interpetation of Genesis and the Bible seeing the earth as 6-10,000 years old

made outta dirt: Adam was formed from the earth by God

Knucklewalkers: a biological term for apes and monkeys who walk on their knuckles. Here referring to evolutionists, since they view man as a primate who evolved from apes.

christian knuckle walkers is referring to theistic evolutionists.

existential. a philosophy of theistic evolutionist relegating religion to the subjective mind.

nihilistic) a point of view where epistemology has failed and there is no certainty.

takin a nap) theistic evolutionists have no input of their own. they just combine theism with evolution.

ID) Intelligent design movement. belief in God as a first cause and designer of the universe.

michael behe) the most famous ID advocate. known for his arguments from micro biology for a designer.

Duane Gish) a berkley chemistry professor and young earth creationist who made similar arguments debunking chemical evolution decades earlier.

"you thought you had a big bang" ID differentiates from young earth creationist in that they accept evolutionary cosmology(big bang theory)

sheldon: A character on the sitcom 'big bang theory"

new atheist or "fundamentalist atheist" is an ideology that argues fir evolution and atheism as objective truth, it also goes about the process of proselytizing and attempting to make converts.

muppet babies: an early 1990 cartoon television program about Jim Henson's muppets in a nursury setting as babies.

This slam points out that the new athiest are not free thinking. They are parroting old liberalism. Also it is accounting for the immaturity displayed by representatives who are degenerate and disrespectful in nature.

Pastor Matt Singleton said...

Charles lyell is the father of the uniformitarian system of geology.
there is also a tease connection to country singer lyel lovitt
The shape of the fossils being flattened by sedimentary rock points to a world wide global flood.
Berkeley is infamous as the most strongly secular humanists university in the USA.

Pastor Matt Singleton said...

Image of God:Jehovah endowed mankind with a dignity and likeness to God.

creationism is banned from public schools. however sex education is not.
And so school children are exposed to nudity. (image of porn) and the sex as a purpose of their existence

Sexual activity, even fornication is taught as morally ok if it is done "safe" with contraceptives.

This leads to unplanned pregnancy which leads to abortion.

elitist: somehow a group thought superior to others. fornicators think they are not responsible for their children and so Kill their own children.

the secular world claims that they are objective. BUt actually they are brainwahsed by the secular media.
"adam and Eve" part of a slogan debunking the legitamacy of homosexuality.
(radio edit) fundamental christian beliefs are now censored.

Lucy) Australopithecus a chimpanzee fossil claimed to be the missing link. However paleontologist have later discredited the idea of lucy as a female. Therefore, how can they have certainty that this was the missing link?
Gary Busey) a movie star. got an oscar for playing Buddy Holly. has a reputation for being kooky.