Friday, September 28, 2012

song: David's Heretage written by Matt Singleton and Stephanie Burkhead

based on 2 Samuel 13 ammnon:
You said all in the Kingdom was mine!
You'd say everything was fine!
You'd Say! (dark echo)You'd Say!
You'd Say! (dark echo)You'd Say!
You'd Say! (dark echo)You'd Say!

One oath I swore
One proverb I'd keep
Value is not valuable if it's free or cheap!

You were my love
we were so happy in my head
But now when I look at you,
I wish that you were dead!

Your in my kingdom
You should be mine
Why do you shiver?
Your supposed to be fine!

daddy, you were a man after God's own heart. But I wish you had a heart for me...

'Non did you ever think what it would do to me
I am a princess, a child of God
But that you did not see
You tore out my namesake forgetting who I am
A kings daughter, who now feels condemned

You left scars on my soul
in my puddle of whoa
a dress may be mended; but with a heart it's not so
Shall they disown me?
Just throw me away?
shall I give into this mess
Should I leave or stay?

I say this to you brother
blood is thicker than water
But you listened to cousin Jonadab instead of God the father

You want me to lay down with you though you know I will not listen

Put it on my finger then you would have seen
That I am more than an object that you made look obscene

In mind over matter wear lies become truth
I was never anything more than a spoil...


Well I hate you!!!(echo) Well I hate you!!!

What's the matter with you king!?!
You can't control your own son!?!
He had to dishonor my sister in front of....

Hey, I got no problem..
I will take that Ammnon out.
Hey, let's all go hunting only
Take a different route!

Don't you sit there looking with
That shocked look on your face!
If you can't handle this kingdom,
Well dad, you can be replaced!!!

If the kingdom won't work, then I'll take it and make it work for me!

I was conceived in sin
And now I brought it in
I wasn't ready to be a father so I settled to be king
I just never knew what destruction that would bring.
I couldn't settle with one wife
I just could never find the right life.
I just have to trust God to bring us out of this stryfe.

I may have failed but we will have a seed and He will deliver us in our time of need.
You may not trust me, But there is someone better.
He is our hope and his throne won't end of never.

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Pastor Matt Singleton said...

The song is subject to revision and editing for the prupose of music.