Friday, September 14, 2012

Declaration of dependence (originally written by Matt Singleton in 1999, music by Josh bunch)

Dear Lord,

I am sick and tired of not living up to your expectations
Please give me the strength to break these chains around my soul
I love you so much
You gave your Son for me
And I am not worth Him
I saw you working in my life and I wanna work foryou
Give me the strength that I need
I don't wanna keep watching you bleed
I want to be a guiding light and shine your glory through my soul
Help me break these walls of sin
let your healing love begin
Rip out satan from my life
Rid the body of this stryfe
Let your name be carried out
Let your children dance about
I don't know just what I'D do
if I was left away from you.
To all of those who are in pain
and all the lost that still remain
Just trust you
and love you

and give them the strength you gave me today

Sincerely Love,

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