Friday, March 30, 2012

Discourse on delilah

Hey there Delilah
Oh Delilah you were so pretty
and my life had seemed so ..... spitty
and I never knew what love was
and I guess i'll never find out thanks to you.
Your lies to me had been so cruel.
I was a fool.

Hey there Delilah don't you worry about the rent due,
I'll do everything to keep you,
just a few more philistines to slay.
Never thought I could use a fox that way.

Oh it's what you did to me (4x)
What you did to me.

Hey there Delilah I know that times are getting hard
I see your misery it cuts me,
But could you have a little faith in me,
We will get that nice apartment of you dreams

The blood and guts of war is hard
I fought and killed and took my scars
My God why'd you have take our child away!
Mekeda Grace....

Oh it's what He did to me! 4x

I ripped and killed a thousand men
with the jawbone of a mule.
For a while I thought it came off your father.
But the jawbone was much smaller.
Oh What a tool!

I saw the warning signs so many times,
and how you plotted and you skeemed that you'd end my life
but I had always dreamed it would be
that maybe you loved just as much as me.

At night I would search the twinkle in your eyes
as we would cling between our thighs thinking that this love would never end.
After all I thought you were meant for me, and made so that we would be complete
and try to forget how you were not chosen! not even my freind!

Oh it's what you did to me (x3)
What you did to me

A P.O.W. now I realized
I am so glad that they ripped out my eyes
because I will never have to shed another tear for you again.
But Delilah that's where my troubles begin, it was within my eyes I sinned.
I wonder just how much I led you astray.
Myself to blame.

Oh it's what I did to me!
My actions, I can't believe!
Oh it's what I did to me!
How could I let this be!
What I did to me.

Your mustard seed of unbelief has knock my life off of a cliff so steep
and leavened the dough of my dearest freinds. This hast to end.

Hey their delilah I know I've lost a lot of strength but do you see these two pillars.
What do you think would happen if I pushed them just like so.
Wouldn't they just make this temple blow?
Bring your idols crashing down like so? so much for Dagan, allah and Al snow.

We may not have had a funeral but that doesn't stop a death so cruel. I can only thank God for helping me forget. I just hope that you find life as somebody elses wife, but beg God that you find true salvation.

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