Saturday, October 28, 2017

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There once was a man named Russel.  Russel had made a modest living and was a good family man.  Russel's daughter Cassie was the apple of his eye. She was a shy girl and russel longed for the day that he could spoil her and make her feel like the princess that he sees her as.
So Russel had a plan. For her 16th birthday Russel rented a hall at the local hotel and bought a car and invited all of her friends to a huge party.  He even bought her a dress for much like the prom queen gown.
  Russel was excited about this idea and he made sure to invite all her classmates and freinds. Well one of Cassies freinds spilled the beans to her about the party.  The girls were ecstatic and she knew that he had bought her a dress. So she and her girlfriend searched the house and finally found it hidden in the garage. It was absolutely gorgeous! She couldn't wait to try it on. So she put on the dress and felt as if she was transformed into a super model. Her girlfriend was so excited they started to play and dance. But then, Cassie tripped and she fell against the wall, which shook a can of paint loose and splatter all over her! Cassie was devastated and her dad was heart broken. The family had spent all their money on this event and they could not afford to buy her a new dress.
But then Russel looked to his son, Jamal. Jamal was always a good hard working son. He had worked hard and finally earned himself a brand new car.
Then Russel asked "Son?" "yeah dad?" Jamal Responded. "you know what's going on with your sister."  You know She needs this and we need this.
Jamal"yeah Dad"
Russel "Son, I need you to do something for me. Give me the keys"
Jamal "Do I have to Dad?"
Russel "I am afraid so Son, I love her too much."
Jamal "Sigh...... Ok Dad"
  Now does that seem fair to you?  Why must the father sacrifice what belongs to the Son for his daughter?
Simple. Because of the love of the Father.  You see there was a greater Father than Russel who loved his chosen daughter a lot more than His Son and that was God the Father who loved his chosen bride so much that he gave his only begotten Son for her. He has sought out to redeem her and will stop at nothing to redeem her and give her value. Even if she does not deserve it.  This is what God feels for you. You do not deserve His love. But he wants to redeem you and give you beauty for ugliness, honor for dishonor and Happiness over despair. Will you where the good new garments that were sacrificed for you?  Or will you instead keep your soiled clothes and keep your pride?
If you want to live by the grace God has given you and receive The Lord Jesus to save you from the pits of Hell Trust in Jesus Christ as the sinless lamb of God

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