Thursday, February 9, 2017

proposed for marriage.. (a state legislative proposed solution for marriages.) Family Covenant Marriage

Family Covenant Marriage.
A. These marriages would be traditional (one man + One woman, no genetic nuclear family members)
B. The parties would screen each other, each spouse would get a background check(credit, legal) upon the other.(assuming they consent)
C. A legal counselor(typically the officiating minister) is empowered with a legal status to protect the marriage/family. This begins with pre-marriage counseling. All parties are to be trained in trained and informed as to the nature of this marriage contract. The parents/guardians and other family is invited for a family counseling session. Obviously this would be a part but not the whole of the counseling.
D. The minister will be empowered to have a counseling role for the remainder of the marriage. That role will be left to the religious denomination if the minister is no longer able to play that role.(with consent of couple) All counselors will be subject to the will of the couple. Secular people can have a psychologist or other counselor fill in for this role. The counselor will also be placed in authority for emergency situations. Thereby, they will replace the authority of Child Protective Services and if CPS is called they will defer to the counselor. This is assuming the couple has full custody of the children. If there is a parent outside of the marriage the party must give permission for the counselor to have authority in such matters. If their is unnecessary violence, that is deemed uncontrollable, the counselor can defer to the police. Meetings are assumed to be sporadic only necessary over lengths of years and agreed upon by the couple and counselor.
E. The minister/guardian counselor has the ability to opt out of their role. If this counselor feels that the couple is secretly becoming a threat (violent or felonious) and they are unable to keep the couple accountable, the authorities will be notified, and they will immediately notify the couple that they are back under local jurisdiction until 2 weeks after a new counselor is acquired).
F. Adultery is a breach of contract and determines the monetary outcome of a divorce.
F. Abandonment is a breach of contract and determines the monetary outcome of a divorce.
G. Physical abuse is to be handled as a separate matter by the local police. Though the contract is not necessarily terminated, trial separation can be enforced by the will of the spouse or the counselor in this case. Emergency Protective Orders can be useful in the situation. Yet the fact that EPO's can be used without violence and employed at times where the spouse may be lacking judgement, the counselor has the authority to override the EPO if they deem the couple not cognitive of the consequences, as poor judgement may not see the damage done professionally, legallly, and socially within the family unit.
H. The couple must see their counselor for an extended period if seeking divorce.
I. If the couple is unsatisfied with their counselor, they can get a new one after petitioning the county clerk, However, both parties must agree upon the counselor.
J. Much like the "prenuptial agreement" these are contractual amendments that must be agreed upon voluntarily and not coerced. So this is not imposed on the population, only offered.
K. Couples may individually make their own amendments to the covenant as long as both parties agree.

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