Wednesday, December 9, 2015

letter to the KY Department of education in regard to KY common core standards

I would like to say that the highest duty of the government in terms of education is to make them aware of the highest authority in land to which they owe there debt and this is the sovereign entity "We the People"  The very citizens of the united States whose rights were inalienable as blessed by God and freedoms were established by the citizens our founding fathers. That this land is ours and own by no other human entity. That the government established by them is our servant.  A this time our heritage has been raped and pillaged. The common core standards imposed upon this state's children is a parasite upon the mind. designed to transform the minds of lower class students into a modern savagery.  It must be removed.  Our children must know our story and their birth right. The Massachusetts curriculum frame work is not my ideal.  Yet it is a superior alternative to the common core curriculum.  I encourage your consideration of it. 
Also in terms of education I encourage educators to get a hold of my research.  I have dealt with the lies of Evolution, secular humanism and socialism.  Frauds and religion are not the mission of American schools.  Here are many facts which have been censored from the modern American academic mind.

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