Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm a ge o cent trist (parody of thrift shop featuring ryan and Macklemore)

I'm a Ge Oh cen  trist
Can't find the black holes in gravity pockets
I, I, I'm hunting lookin for dark matter
This just ain't empiricism
Verse One:

Walk in the club like what up?
I got a big aether!
Nah, Im just pumped up, cause of the results of the plank scale.
  physics      on the fringe this is atheist heresy

People like Wow! that don't come from a monkey!
Rolling in shell a coriolis of the cosmic

Tested in experiments of michelson/morrely
Draped in a leopard mink, general relativity
Probably shoulda notticed when the speed of light.... missed
But hey it was 186, million miles a sec! copy and stop watching it.
Bout to go and get some hatred sent passing up luke warm Christians
Who ain't got the sense to read the scripture regulative? fah get it.
I'm studying philosophy, mix it with astronomy and a lil deuteronomy
Thats academic rich!
Imma take your grandpa views, Imma take your grandpa views, no for real, ask your grandpa

Can I study his cosmology?
geocentric young earth with a swirling big dipper.
Walt brown hydroplate water  that I found digging.
They had an ice canopy; I got an ice canopy
I got an electric universe making a galactic cord.

Hello, producer man Rick Delano
 Copernicus aint got nothing on my main man Tycho!
I could take some stone henge take  a word from Ambrose
The sneaker heads would be like Ah, they match electros!
[Hook: Wanz]

I'm a ge o cen trist
Can't find no Black holes in gravity po ckets
I, I, I'm hunting
Looking for dark matter
This just ain't empiricism
 [Verse Two: Macklemore]

What you know about  an ECI framework    on your noggin?

What you know about uncovering occult magnetics
Im digging, Im digging, Im searching right through that text book.

One mass center that's another mass vacuum
Thank your Ancestors for looking at a day without an expert.
Cause this critique right now is gonna hurt
Cause we don't need a quack in a white shirt

Does this Good World revolve around me freinds ?
The U ni verse sucker and  da con stellations
Your Mach an your Einstein, ya Newton, ya Hawking
I reveal those fail experiments, you covered up for a sucka

The built in curriculum to to propagate grammar school for a sucka?
Socialized party that won't stop to enslave that sucka
They be like Oh that Galileo that's Helio tight
Im like Yo, he recanted, all he got was jupiter
limiting addition sounds simple by comparison.

Suns bigger than earth,  thats just some ignorant con slant
I call that getting swindled your cosmos, short
I call that getting tricked by a  Spaceless aimless helio  don't

And having the same argument for 6 centuries is a  helio don't
Peep game,  don't know the limits of a telescope
Trying to get truth from your math/  Man ur helio won't (repeat) 
(little girl) Geoooohhh Cen  trist!  yeah-ah-ah
[Hook: Wanz]
I'mma ge oh cen trist
Can't find no black holes in gravity pockets
I, I, I'm hunting
Looking for dark matter
This just ain't empirical
[Bridge: Wanz]
I have your granddad's views, and axis of evil
Im in this big cosmos  from that big bang down the road
 Im in this real cosmos it looks incredible

The big bang just got old, I don't front no helios
[Hook: Wanz]
(little girl) Is that Great Grandpa's cosmology? Hee hee!

(note: some lyrics are more in line with the author's New Years Cosmology Hypothesis)

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