Thursday, July 5, 2012

Whose gonna run this pulpit right?(parody of Jay Z whose gonna run this town tonight)

The scriptures gone but they don't care
amplified music in the air
Hypnotic daze they sit and stare
Who's gonna run this pulpit right? (chorus)

We are doctrinally bizarre, when we cut out idols for a livin
Hiding God in a buildin with our financial given. (bridge)

Sitting back crying mr. "no homo" christian you wanna tell me
How it's hards and that you struggle with faith, but the struggle I see is that your filled with hate!

Cause everyone around you, who just won't let you chill, will be a victim of your wrath because your spiritually I'll!

chorus 2ice

Whap! Slap, pow!! as the heads go rollin!
another christian dies but where's the money flowin?

They get paid for growing dope shipped to the continental south.
Smuggled up to the US and into a young Christians mouth!

Don't do drugs, and beware of the coppers!
Let granny and grandpa make you pill poppers!
We need to have a revival where we don't do nuthin!
It ain't about God, cause it's us that we're lovin!

Chorus 2ice

We need some consecration
Going across the nation
But here is the frustration
Entertainment, porno, masterbation
We get caught in the web of guilt so we won't open our mouth
So come Sunday morning the word of God won't come out.

Chorus 2twice

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