Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recommended reading 2

Gordon Clark
Religion, Reason and revelation
This is a great book dealing with philosophy. It is not an easy read. Yet it is the best christian philosophical apologetic book I have read so far! In which Gordon clark destroys roman catholic, secular and liberal christian philosophy all in one foul swoop. If you are wanting a serious philosophy intro this is the book.

But I do warn Clark is a fundamentalist presbyterian. His definition of true religion is simply the westminster confession of faith. The Westminster has lot's of good things to say but should never thought the equivalent of scripture. On the other hand the fundamentalism within the westminster confession of faith is fully represented and is an a classic apologetic for protestantism.

Edgar young Mullins
Axioms of religion/The baptist faith
Here we have a proper definition of religion. As opposed to creed or confession with it's subjective conclusions biblical philosophy is summaraized in the axioms or religion. The axioms are an extension of the protestant ideology (the five solas of the reformation.) These concepts are reformulated into axioms based on the principle of soul competancy. This is the best representation of baptist thinking in a philosophical context.
It interesting however misunderstood, that these axioms stand like the Bill of rights as opposed to negative principles of Law.

Edward hiscox
The New directory for the Baptist Churches
This is the premier classic on ecclesiology(study of churches) for the New Testament Church. It is hard to agree om everything with anybody. But I never agreed so much with a large document as this one.

Watchman knee
The spiritual man This one of the best devotionals on sanctification that I have ever read. Watchman knee was a legendary chinese pastor for them beginning of the 20th century. His arguments for the trichotomy of man are thorough and sound. He is also
very adept at understanding grace and the sinful nature. I am not a keswick theologically and I am wary about dividing a saved christian from a victorious christian. But aside from that. a pastor should find this content essential to a reasoned and spiritual approach to sanctification.

Archbishop james usher
Annals of the world Usher was considered a genius of his day. He Proves that prior to 800B.C. No History was sound or consistent except for the Old Testament scriptures. he then has scripture as the primary guide to world history and prioritizes secular records in accordance.

Henry Morris

The biblical basis for modern science I have always loved the writings of henry morris above all the creation scientist. obvious the newer the science, the newer te information. Yet in this book. not only do we see the absolute full presentation creation science, but we see it from a fundamentalist's perspective where the bible is accepted nakedly. As a savy experienced scientists morris is not intin his hermeneutics like most theologians over the last 2 centuries.

William jones
The history of the christian church: account of the albigenses and waldenses The majority of Chruch history is written from a Roman Catholic perspective. Yet Roman Catholicism is not the gospel of the New Testament. Here We have a Baptists perspective on Church History. How does a borna again Christian who defines a church according to the dictates of the New Testament understand Church History? Jones organizes the best scholarship of His time on the Christian religion into a scriptural worldview.

Dr. Cathy burns
Billy Graham and his freinds
Just as Catholicism overwhelmed church history. Evangelicalism has overwritten the 20th century with a sanitized politically correct view. However Dr. Cathy Burns shows the entrenchment of socialism/communism in protestant christianity and the dark side of Billy Graham and his freinds.

political recommended
John loftus and Mark Aarons
"The secret war against the Jews" and "Unholy trinity"This book is a layout of espionage history and will give you the inside track on world history in the 20th century. Find out what even professoers don't!

I do warn that I have no confirmation of testimony from these men. I have heard that they are liberal. It is simply the fact that their research lines up with a biblical worldview. In other words I endorse this book for the truths that it espouses.

Pat Buchanon"where the right went wrong" This is a classic peace where paleoconservative Pat Buchanon outlines the faults lying in the globalist philosophy/neo-conservatism.
Pat has also published reliable works dealing with illegal immigration. warning: Buchanon is Roman Catholic and not a born again Christian.

Pat Robertson
"The New World Order" "The ten Offenses" the Son of A senator, a presidential candidate and major Evangelical leader. Pat has good material for a christian first studying politics. warning: Pat has terrible charasmatic/word of faith theology. as a religious leader pat has compromised with the RCC and has publically made false predictions/prophecy.

Michael Savage
Michael is an engenious writer thinker and entertainer. He is politically very constitutional and independent. He struggles between secularism and his Old Testament faith however.

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